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Subulate bryozoan – planting and caring for an unpretentious fluffy ground cover

What is the styloid bryozoan, planting and caring for it are very difficult? I plan to sow a young garden with this crop, so far nothing but seedlings grows there. I want the whole site to be green and beautiful. To what height will it grow as much as possible, and whether it will be necessary to cut the grass?

bryozoan subulate planting and care This plant can compete with lawn grasses: it grows quickly, spreading to the sides and forming a dense soft cover. Bryozoan subulate, planting and caring for which is absolutely not difficult, is very popular with summer residents and grows and is a ground cover plant. In a short time, its creeping stems take up all the free space, but the height of the bushes is small. Leaves in the form of small soft needles from afar give the bryozoan a resemblance to moss. And such a green lawn will delight you with gentle flowering throughout the summer..

Flowering grass is also called Irish moss, because it is there that it grows in natural conditions, covering the hills.

Subulate bryozoan – planting and care

bryozoan bush subulate In fact, bryozoan is not even a relative of mosses, but belongs to the clove family. It grows in lush bushes, the height of which does not exceed 9 cm. During the season, they form many young flexible shoots, spread out, and create an even soft cover. On the branches there are numerous small leaves in the form of thin needles, but they are not prickly.

From late spring until the very frost, bryozoan also blooms. During this period, the green carpet is decorated with small white flowers with a honey scent. The diameter of the inflorescences is not more than 5 mm, and after the end of flowering, seeds ripen in their place. They bryozoan and reproduce by self-seeding, so it is enough to purchase a plant once, and you don’t need to think about planting it anymore..

How and where to plant

planting bryozoanIn the southern regions, bryozoan seeds can be sown directly into the ground in spring or autumn. If there is an opportunity to take cuttings of adult bushes, this is even better. Then, by the end of summer, they will already braid the site, creeping over it. To do this, plant the bushes at a distance of 8 cm from each other..

In the middle lane, it is better to first grow bryozoan seedlings in containers. Seeds are sown at the end of March right on the surface of the substrate – they are small. And they are transplanted into open ground at the end of April..

For bryozoans, it is better to highlight a sunny area – in the shade, its growth rates decrease. The landing site must be dry, since the culture does not tolerate waterlogging and rots.

Irish moss prefers a light and nutritious soil with neutral acidity. In alkaline, peaty and acidic soil, it will not grow, as in pure loams. But this is not a problem, because in the bryozoan, the root system goes a maximum of 15 cm deep. You can simply pour a layer of suitable soil for it..

How to care for a fluffy green carpet

how to care for a bryozoanBoth the styloid and other varieties of bryozoans are not demanding in care. It is enough for them:

  1. Watering twice a week. More often, the soil should be moistened only in young animals, until it gets stronger.
  2. Top dressing once a month during the growing season with special mineral complexes.

Low-growing bushes do not need pruning and you do not need to mow them like a lawn. But if they begin to “crawl out” for the territory allotted to them, you can sprinkle the perimeter with gravel. Bryozoan winters well, especially if there is snow. In the south, it is possible not to cover it, but in regions with severe and little snowy winters, it is advisable to cover it with spruce branches. However, the bushes recover well in the spring. Even if part of such a lawn freezes out, it will quickly grow back. But nevertheless, it is advisable to plant bryozoans where they often will not walk. Most of its species are not very resistant to trampling, like lawn crops.

The subtleties of growing bryozoan styloid

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