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We fight pests of indoor plants with insecticides

Tell me what kind of insecticides can be used for indoor plants? A spider mite has already settled on almost half of my favorites, I just don’t know what to do, even throw out all the flowers. Please help me save the flowers.

insecticides for flowers In the fight against pests, folk remedies, of course, are good, but not always effective. At the initial stages, when there are still few insects and they have not had time to multiply, you can try to do without chemistry. However, when the scale of the lesion becomes critical, special drugs cannot be dispensed with. And here insecticides for indoor plants come to the aid of flower growers. How to use them correctly and which means are most effective, but at the same time have a gentle effect on flowers?

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General recommendations for the use of insecticides

Whichever drug is used, it is important to adhere to certain rules that will help protect both the grower and his plants. These include:

  1. During processing, gloves and a respirator must be worn.
  2. It is better to work outdoors, taking flowers to the balcony or outside.
  3. Strictly follow the instructions regarding the preparation of the solution in order to avoid overdose.
  4. With prolonged use, alternate drugs so that there is no addiction.

If several plants require treatment, you should check the effect of the drug on one flower. In the absence of deterioration, you can start treating the rest..

Some of the most effective insecticides used in indoor floriculture include:

  • Actellik;
  • Bi-58 New;
  • Gaupsin;
  • Fitoverm.

How to use Actellik?actellic

Actellik is one of the best remedies for protecting indoor plants from pests, affecting their nervous system within three days after treatment.

It is produced in liquid form in ampoules with a capacity of 2 ml, which are dissolved in 2 liters of water and the flowers are sprayed with this solution..

How Bi-58 New works?bi-58 new

This drug has a contact and systemic effect. It is absorbed by the aerial part of the plant, evenly distributed over it and becomes a component of the sap. Pests that feed on green mass absorb it together with the insecticide and die. Bi-58 New also infects insects if it hits them directly during processing..

The disadvantage of the drug is a strong unpleasant odor.

For spraying indoor plants, 3 ml of insecticide is diluted in a bucket of water.

Benefits of Gaupsingaupsin

Gaupsin combines the functions of an insecticide (and biological) and a fungicide. Treatment with the drug allows not only to get rid of insects, but also to stimulate the growth of flowers. Also, the drug is effective in the treatment of various fungal diseases in plants (late blight, black rot, powdery mildew).

For spraying on a leaf, a working solution is prepared in proportions of 1:50, the effect of which lasts for two weeks..

Fitoverm against pestsfitoverm

A biological product of contact, antifeeding and intestinal action infects almost all pests of indoor plants after 2-3 days after treatment.

For maximum effect, it is recommended to carry out at least 4 sprays of leaves (on both sides) with a break of 10 days.

The concentration of the working solution depends on the specific pest; for its preparation, 1 ampoule must be diluted:

  • in a liter of water – to kill spider mites;
  • in 200 ml of water – for thrips;
  • in 250 ml of water – for aphids.

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Insecticides to protect flowers from pests – video

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