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Large, sweet and juicy cherries Red Hill – how you can use the harvest

Is Krasnaya Gorka sweet cherry suitable for conservation and how do the berries tolerate transportation? This year I just have an unprecedented harvest, before I only had enough food, but there was no time left for harvesting. This season in general in our region turned out to be rich in fruits, there are a lot of ovaries in the garden. And I don’t know what to do with cherries. We are already full, my husband offers to bring it to the market, and put the rest into jam. Will it work?

cherry red slide She is loved for the compact size of the tree, which allows harvesting almost without a ladder, and for the large, sweet berries. Cherry Krasnaya Gorka is so unpretentious that it can grow practically without the participation of a gardener. It is recognized as zoned for the Central Region. But high immunity and frost resistance make it possible to grow this variety in almost any climate..

Cherry Krasnaya Gorka – variety description

characteristics of sweet cherry variety red hill Krasnaya Gorka is a domestic variety obtained by Bryansk breeders. His parents were the Cherries Compact Venyaminova and Leningradskaya Black. A characteristic feature of the variety is the compact size of the tree, the height of which does not exceed 3 m.The only thing is that the rounded crown is prone to thickening, so the sweet cherry needs regular pruning.

The variety is very resistant to many diseases of the crop, in particular to moniliosis, spotting, coccomycosis. The frost resistance of cherries can also be envied by other varieties. It hibernates easily at minus 33 ° С, but even if it freezes, it is insignificant, and quickly recovers.

Fruiting and taste

berries cherry red slideIn terms of ripening, the variety belongs to the early ones, and in terms of the first fruiting, it is fast-growing. The first crop of sweet cherries will give in the fourth year after planting. The variety will reveal its full potential from the sixth year.

The yield at Krasnaya Gorka is good, stable, more than 40 kg of berries, but when the tree reaches 16 years old, it decreases. There is no point in leaving it further in the garden, since there are very few berries and they become smaller. It is recommended to replace with a new young seedling.

The berries of Krasnaya Gorka are very large and beautiful, ripen in mid-June. Each weighs at least 5 g, and the color is very original – a scarlet blush is poured against a gold background. The pulp is very juicy, sweet, with a subtle sourness, the stone is well separated. The variety is considered a dessert variety, it is not very suitable for conservation, since cherries quickly boil and lose their shape. Due to the increased juiciness, the berries are not stored, and they do not tolerate transportation well..

Cherry Krasnaya Gorka needs cross-pollination, since it is self-fertile. Best of all, the varieties of sweet cherries Bryanskaya pink, Ovstuzhenka, Raditsa, Tyutchevka cope with this task.

Pros and cons of the variety

pros and cons of cherry red slideCherry Krasnaya Gorka is loved for such its advantages:

  • early maturity;
  • compact size of the tree, which is easy to care for;
  • stable yield;
  • large and sweet berries;
  • high frost resistance;
  • excellent immunity.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that the dessert variety is not suitable for procurement, storage and transportation. And the declared yield can be obtained only with the presence of pollinators. In addition, the tree requires more attention in terms of frequent pruning..

Review of cherries Krasnaya Gorka

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