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When and how a simple, but refined, viscarius ocellar blooms

Does viscariya ocellar hibernate in the open field or is it an annual plant? I sowed seeds of a low-growing variety with blue flowers on seedlings, unfortunately, I do not remember its name, but threw out the bag. In a couple of weeks I will be planting seedlings in the garden. Can they be placed in shallow shade under young trees or do you need a lighted area? And what about the viscariya next year – it will overwinter or you need to sow again?

viscarius ophthalmic This plant will not amaze you with its gorgeous buds or large leaves, but, nevertheless, it is popular. Why? But viskariya oyskovaya is beautiful precisely for its natural charm. And even if its flowers are small, you will not often see such an abundant flowering. In addition, the delicate color of the petals is pleasantly pleasing to the eye, and because of their number, several bushes quickly become a real living flower carpet. Lush viscariya also has an unpretentious character, thanks to which it can be grown in any region..

Viscaria eye – what is a plant

viscarius bush

Whiskaria belongs to the clove family and grows as a herbaceous bush. Its height depends on the specific variety. There are very compact species no more than 20 cm in height, or quite catchy bushes up to 1.2 m in height. The straight stems of the plant are covered with pubescence. The shape of the leaf plates also depends on the variety and can be heart-shaped or oval.

Most types of viscarias are annuals, but there are also many perennial species. In winter, their aerial part dies off, but in spring many shoots appear again from the roots..

Viscaria is loved for its very lush and long flowering. From mid-spring to mid-summer, the bushes are almost completely covered with bright flowers. They are small, of five broad-rounded petals, and do not emit a scent. But they look very impressive when hundreds of buds merge into a common carpet. The color of the flowers is dominated by blue, light blue, pink and white tones..

Popular types of viscarias

One of the most beloved by flower growers is viskaria:

  • Lychnis is a perennial up to 1 m high, the color of flowers depends on the variety and can be white, orange, pink, red;viskariya likhnis
  • Holiday is a low-growing variety up to 25 cm high;Viscaria Holiday
  • Blue Angel is an annual with blue-blue buds;viscaria blue angel
  • Rumba is a medium-sized annual plant no more than 55 cm high with white, blue or purple flowers.viscariya rumba

A few words about growing viscarias in the garden

In order for the flowering of viscarias to be stormy, it must be planted in a well-lit place. In warm regions, seeds can be sown directly into open ground, but if spring is late, it is better to first grow seedlings.

Perennial types of viscarias are highly frost-resistant. And also by the fact that they can be sown before winter. But it should be borne in mind that with this method, flowering will occur only in the second year after sowing..

growing viscariasWhiskey care in the garden consists of simple procedures:

  • watering once a week, in drought – every 3 days;
  • weed removal;
  • fertilizing with a mineral complex 3 times per season (before and during flowering).

Perennial crops for the winter need pruning – remove all of their aboveground part, leaving small stumps. Also, every three years, the bushes need to be planted at the end of summer, otherwise they bloom poorly, and the buds become smaller.

Viscaria – she is tar

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