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Orange masterpiece rose Romance Mandarin – what kind of flowering the beauty will delight

How long does Romantic Mandarin rose bloom? I have a young seedling, bought it in the fall, wintered perfectly under cover. For two weeks now it is all in buds and I have not yet seen such beauty. So I want her gorgeous flowering to last at least another month. Mom has a birthday in July, she would get a beautiful bouquet, because the flowers are so large and full. Will I be lucky or the variety only blooms once?

rose romance tangerine If there is this variety in the rose garden, then it is necessarily planted either in an honorable “center” place, or in the foreground. The chic rose Romance Mandarin will surprise you not only with its catchy color, but also with the size of large buds, moreover, with an original shape. But the main advantage of this variety is its very long flowering time. This puts the rose in a leading position in comparison with single-flowering species, even if even larger. Agree that not everyone succeeds in admiring bright buds all summer, but with this variety you will not go wrong.

Rose Romance Mandarin – characteristic features of the variety

tangerine rose bush The rose will not take up much space in the flower bed – the bush grows quite compact. Most often, its height is limited to 50-60 cm, but with proper care, the plant can stretch another 20 cm up. However, this does not make the bush bulky and will not cause you unnecessary trouble. The shoots of the rose are strong and strong, thanks to which it does not fall apart and does not need a mandatory garter. Unless, under the weight of numerous buds, the branches become heavier and you can put a support so that the wind does not break them..

Mandarin Romance refers to the re-blooming roses. All summer and even in September, luxurious large flowers flaunt on it. Up to 15 cm in diameter, double roses have an original goblet shape. The petals are painted in a rich yellow-orange color, and closer to the edge they are darker.

Stuffed buds look very nice, there can be several of them on one branch. The rose can be grown for decorative purposes, and also used for bouquet cut.

How to care for a rose so that it blooms all summer

how to care for a tangerine roseShow everything that the Mandarin Rose is capable of, in a well-lit place and on good nutritious soil. Caring for the plant is simple and consists of the usual activities for culture lovers:

  • water the bushes regularly, especially during dry periods;
  • in early spring and before flowering, feed the roses, preferably with a special mineral complex;
  • as the buds fade, cut them obliquely over the first leaf from the flower;
  • for the winter, do not forget to spud the bushes and mulch, and if your winters are frosty, then cover them.

In the spring, do not miss the moment and remove the shelter in time so that the roses do not trample and the fungus does not appear. As soon as it gets warmer, prune the shoots, leaving a few buds. The rose recovers well and will be strong and lush again..

Rose Mandarin (Cordes)

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