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How to trim a weigela in the fall – everything you need to know about the timing and procedure for a haircut

Tell me how to cut the weigela in the fall? I purchased two seedlings of different varieties, but due to the spring chores (I have a large vegetable garden) I missed the pruning time. The buds were already tied on the branches, I had to leave everything as it is. The husband says that in the fall it will be possible to cut. When exactly is it better to do it and how to do it right?

how to prune weigela in autumn Among the flowering shrubs, weigela is worth highlighting with its abundant, lush and colorful flowering. For the plant to look beautiful at any time of the year, it must be pruned regularly. Knowing how to prune a weigela in autumn, you can regulate its development and maintain a decorative appearance..

Considering that weigela lays flower buds on current and last year’s shoots, only a sanitary haircut should be carried out in the fall. It is necessary to form a shrub in the spring or, at most, in June..

Optimal timing of autumn pruning

timing of trimming weigela It is best to start cutting the weigela either after flowering or after leaf fall. The exact time depends on the growing climate. In the south, weigela can be cut until mid-October, since autumn is long and warm there..

It is not worth tightening too much with pruning – the bush should have time to recover before winter. There should be at least 3 weeks between the haircut and the first frost.

How to prune a weigela in the fall

pruning weigelaAutumn pruning can be called the most gentle, because it is mainly aimed at removing diseased and thickening shoots. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The first step is to cut off faded inflorescences..
  2. Then completely remove the branches with traces of disease and mechanical damage. They can become a source of infection of weigela with various diseases..
  3. Branches that grow inside the bush and towards the soil must also be removed..

If weigela gave a lot of young growth, you can cut out a part so that it does not thicken the bush..

What to do with trimmed shoots

weigela cuttingsThe twigs left after the haircut are a great way to propagate weigela and autumn is not a hindrance here. Of course, on the eve of winter, there is no point in rooting cuttings, but it is quite possible to keep them until spring. It is necessary to select undamaged and healthy cuttings, which have at least 6 live buds (this is with a margin). Then collect sand in a container, moisten it a little and stick in the twigs. You need to store the harvested planting material in a cool place, for example, in a cellar.

In spring, cuttings can be planted directly in open ground or in pots. Before planting, it is advisable to update the sections under the lower and above the upper kidney. When planting in the garden for the winter, young bushes are either dug up or well covered, but the first option is preferable.

Pruning and reproduction of weigela – video

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