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How to grow mint on a windowsill, the basics of care

Tell us how to grow mint on a windowsill? I just adore it and always put a couple of leaves in my tea. I tried to plant it in the garden, but, probably, the place there is unfortunate. Even the cuttings rooted at first, but did not survive until the end of the season. We decided to try sowing in pots, I just have some seeds left.

how to grow mint on a windowsill Beautiful velvet mint leaves with a stunning invigorating scent are used not only for tea parties. This plant can also be added to side dishes, especially meat ones. If in summer there are no problems with where to get mint, then in winter it remains to be content with leaves dried ahead of time. However, not everyone likes their aroma, since it acquires a specific smell of dried spices. If you love fresh mint, knowing how to grow mint on a windowsill will come in handy. Even one pot will be enough for the fragrant leaves to last until the summer season..

Planting methods for mint

You can get a fragrant spice on the windowsill in one of the following ways:

  1. By sowing the seeds. One of the most affordable, but not the easiest, mint breeding options. The seeds are very small and tough-like. Before sowing, it is recommended to soak them and then dry them slightly. It is not necessary to sprinkle the sown seeds from above with soil, otherwise they may not sprout at all. It is enough to spray and cover the container with foil. Grown seedlings must be dived into separate pots.seed mint
  2. By rooting the cuttings. You can put them in water first to form the roots. Or immediately plant the cuttings in light soil.mint cuttings
  3. By dividing an old bush in the garden, and planting a delenka in a pot.mint cut

Cutting and dividing the bush is the fastest way to get a young plant. If you do not have a mint bush in your garden to take planting material, do not despair. For rooting, cuttings taken from sprigs of mint, which are always on supermarket shelves, will also work..

It is better to sow seeds in early spring, but to divide the bush – in the fall, before frosts. But you can root cuttings all year round..

How to grow mint on a windowsill – features of caring for a potted plant

mint in a potIn order for indoor mint to feel good and actively grow new shoots, it is worth considering what she loves. First of all, you should pick up a wide, but not deep pot for planting. Bushes actively grow in breadth. The substrate for mint should be loose and nutritious, with a little acidity. Such a soil mixture will fully satisfy all the requirements of the plant (in equal proportions):

  • ordinary land from the garden;
  • humus;
  • sand;
  • peat.

In order for the leaves to retain their rich aroma, you need to keep mint on a sunny windowsill.. Caring for the bushes is not difficult and consists in the following:

  1. Regular watering in summer and less frequently in winter.
  2. Spraying mint, especially during the heating season, when the air in the house is dry.
  3. Supplementing the bushes in winter. If this is not possible, the flowerpots should be moved to a cooler room..

Mint grows well without additional fertilizing in one soil for up to 3 years. All this time, you can cut off its twigs and leaves for consumption, contributing to the regrowth of new shoots. However, the maximum amount of essential oils is reached during the period when mint begins to form flower stalks..

Video on how to grow mint from seeds

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