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Can red onions be added to soup and what is made from it

Who knows if red onions can be added to the soup? I always plant a lot of onions and eat my own until the newest harvest. But last year we had a rainy summer and my onion beds were badly damaged. It was possible to send no more than a third of the harvest to the cellar for storage, the rest rotted away. Of course, this was not enough for me by the spring, and now there is only a little Crimean onion at home. I usually keep it for salads, but you can cook from it, it won’t color the soup?

can red onions be added to soup Red onions have a more delicate flavor. They are not so spicy, give fresh salads a light piquancy, and in pickled form they are a delicacy. But many housewives, who for the first time decided to grow or purchase an original root vegetable, are interested in whether it is possible to add red onions to the soup. On the one hand, even when you marinate onion rings, the marinade often gets colored and tinged. But there are also varieties that have almost white flesh inside. How they will behave if you use such an onion for cooking dishes with heat treatment?

Is it possible to add red onion to the soup and how does it “behave” when preparing dishes?

onion soup In cooking, onions are often used for the first and second hot dishes. During frying, it takes on a beautiful golden hue and adds this touch to the dishes. Frying red onions is considered wasteful by many, given that it costs many times more. But if you grow it yourself, red onions can be replaced with onions. But there are some nuances to consider..

First of all, keep in mind that Yalta and other red varieties will always be sweeter. And this will definitely affect the taste of the soup or side dish. Now the most important thing is whether the dish to which it is added will color purple onions, and in what color? Yes, of course, it will color, but knowing some tricks, you can easily turn this property into an advantage, not a disadvantage..

By the way, if the onion becomes beautiful and golden during frying, then the red one, on the contrary, loses its attractiveness. It takes on a dirty brown hue, while the redder the variety was, the darker it will be after frying. Some species even turn blue..

Tips for using purple onions in cooking

red borschSo, where and how best to use red onions:

  1. If you need to boil clear broth, do not put red onions in it, especially fried ones. Not only will your soup darken, but so will its ingredients. Better take a bulb onion.
  2. But for red borscht, lentil or bean soup (also with purple beans in the latter case), the colored fruit is quite suitable. Frying it with tomato paste, you will keep the “native” color and will not let the onion turn gray.
  3. To give the chicken its original pink hue, place purple onions in a pot of broth..
  4. Feel free to add colored roots to mushrooms, meat or chips. He will reward them with a sweet note and a pleasant aroma..

mushrooms with red onionsAs you can see, whether or not to use red onions in the kitchen depends on what kind of dish you are preparing. For clear soups, this is not the best choice, and for rich and dark first courses, why not. And, of course, a purple vegetable with its original taste and smell is also suitable for second courses..

How to garnish red onions

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