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How to freeze greens for the winter – making useful stocks

Tell me how to freeze greens for the winter? She lived more than half of her life in a spacious private house, in the summer a garden bed with herbs was always at hand. In winter, large windowsills helped out, on which dill, parsley and many other spices were grown. In his declining years, it became difficult to work in the garden and near the house, and they decided to move into an apartment. All is well, but three windows are very few, and now you have to buy greens, since there is nowhere to put trays. The other day we bought a freezer, I will prepare for the season, so it’s cheaper. What do you advise?

how to freeze greens for the winter What is a salad or borscht without a fragrant sprig of dill and parsley? We all try to keep such herbs always in the kitchen and one of the ways to stock up on them is to freeze them. There are several ways to freeze greens for the winter, but in general they are all simple. The most important thing is that the house has at least a refrigerator with a freezer, which will keep the spices until next season. Having picked up in the garden or having purchased plants on the market that are used in your kitchen, you can safely start freezing.

Can all herbs be frozen

frozen greens Freezing is the best way to preserve greens, fruits and even vegetables without losing vitamins. However, it also has some nuances, and they are associated with the characteristic features of plants. Keep in mind that the juicier the fresh herb, the more it will lose liquid and will become mushy after thawing..

So, they “behave” well when freezing and after:

  • parsley;
  • Dill;
  • celery;
  • sorrel;
  • spinach;
  • nettle.

But frozen green onions lose their piquant taste and become watery. Turns into tasteless herb and thawed lettuce leaves.

How to freeze greens for the winter

There are several ways to freeze herbs and each housewife has her own favorite. There are no clear recommendations here, it all depends on what you like best and whether you have free time. However, before you start harvesting, do not forget to thoroughly wash the herbs and let them dry. It absorbs excess moisture well with a paper or cotton towel. Spread the washed greens on them, and then there will be no pieces of ice on it..

So, you can prepare greens in the freezer:

  1. Sliced. This is a very convenient method, but it takes a lot of time, especially if the volumes are large. Cut the spices as you would normally use them and arrange in small bags..chopped greens
  2. In ice. Place the chopped greens in an ice cube tray and cover with water. Such spicy cubes are stored for a long time, and the greens in them are the freshest..cubes with herbs
  3. Bunches. It is quick and convenient not only to procure, but also then to use. Sort the dill and other spices into small bunches. Wrap them in foil or a sausage-shaped bag. When you need it, just open it, chop it up a bit, and pack the rest back. You can immediately spread the twigs on a tray, and already frozen, put them in bags..frozen bundles

Store frozen herbs with vegetables. But it is not advisable to put it on meat and fish, so as not to saturate their smell.

Three ways to freeze greens – video

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