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How to preserve vitamins in berries – harvested cranberries for the winter, recipes without cooking

Advise the ways in which cranberries are harvested for the winter, recipes without cooking are especially interesting. I want to make medicinal raw jam, what proportion with sugar should be observed? I have a lot of berries, we gathered together with our grandchildren in the forest, near which our dacha is located, so there is something to work with. Some will go to jam, but what can be done with the rest? Just so as not to cook, otherwise the vitamins will be lost, but I want to cook not just a delicacy, but what was medicinal.

cranberries for the winter recipes without cooking Its small scarlet berries contain so much vitamin C that the cranberry turns into a natural medicine for the prevention and treatment of colds. But this northern culture is not only rich in him, there are still many useful substances in it. Therefore, cranberries are harvested mainly in raw form for the winter – recipes without cooking allow you to maximize all the properties of sour berries. Of course, cranberries boiled with sugar are also very tasty. However, in the process of heat treatment, they lose a significant part of their vitamins and become just a dessert. If your goal is to use cranberries for medicinal purposes, stop at methods of harvesting berries without the need to process them at high temperatures..

Cranberries for the winter – recipes without cooking

cranberry For winter harvesting, try to purchase or collect cranberries that are already fully ripe. Yes, in late autumn it already becomes soft, and it is not easy to transport such a crop. But it is precisely such ripe berries that contain the maximum amount of nutrients. This means they will have more benefits for the body..

In addition, ripe cranberries no longer have that bitter note that unripe berries have, so they are more tasty..

Without subjecting the berries to heat treatment, you can prepare cranberries in the following ways:

  • to freeze;
  • dry;
  • make raw jam;
  • cook pickled berries.

How to freeze cranberries

frozen cranberriesFor freezing, select only whole berries, and the rest can be sent to jam. Rinse the cranberries well and be sure to let them dry, otherwise the berries will stick together. Now sprinkle them on a tray in one layer and send them to the freezer. And when the cranberries are completely frozen, you can sprinkle them in bags or pans..

Do not pour the berries into containers and bags right away – they will stick together, and then it will be difficult to get them out. Especially if you need a small amount.

Where to dry cranberries

dried cranberriesOur grandmothers dried all the drying outside, and you can also use this method. On the one hand, it has a special advantage, because you can take unripe cranberries, which will “reach” during the drying process. But it will take more than one day to wait for the result..

If you need to do everything quickly, send the berries for drying to:

  • oven;
  • microwave;
  • electric dryer.

Cranberries for the winter – recipes without cooking raw jam raw cranberry jamCranberries contain many different organic acids, so they can be stored well even without heat treatment, even together with sugar. Prepare raw jam by chopping the berries with a pusher and mixing with sugar in a 1: 1.5 ratio.

You can also prepare whole cranberries in sugar – then the proportions are not important. Just put the berries in the jars in layers, sprinkling them with sugar..

Soaked cranberries

soaked cranberriesThis is the simplest recipe for winter harvesting of healthy berries. Fill a jar with clean cranberries and fill with filtered water. That’s it, nothing else needs to be done or added. Covered with a lid, cranberries are perfectly stored in water in a cool place and retain all vitamins.

Four ideas on how to prepare cranberries

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