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How to care for beloperone at home so that it blooms all year round

Tell us how to take care of beloperone at home? Someone put (threw) a flower on the landing, where it almost dried up. She took pity on me and took me home. After a good watering, it seems to have moved away. What to do with it next?

how to care for beloperone at home Beloperone will not delight you with either large foliage or a chic and powerful crown, but it will surprise you with an original and long flowering. It is thanks to him that the plant is popular with flower growers. And also for an unpretentious character, because there is nothing complicated in how to care for a white perone at home. The main thing is to observe moderation in everything, and then the bush will annually give you its unusual inflorescences.

What is remarkable about the flower

whiteperone As a representative of the acanthus family, beloperone came to us from the distant Mexican tropics. Perhaps for this reason, it has adapted so well to the home climate. A flower grows in the form of a bush with numerous branching shoots. They are thin, but strong, and over time, lignify at the base. The leaves are small, up to 8 cm long, ovoid, light green in color with a matte surface. Both twigs and leaves are covered with short pubescence. The height of the plant itself, with good care, can exceed 1 m.

Beloperone is the leader in flowering among indoor plants. If kept warm all year round, it will bloom without interruption, except, perhaps, in the coldest winter months. The buds are tied in the axils of the leaves and have an unusual structure, somewhat reminiscent of a poinsettia flowering. They consist of large multi-colored bracts and small white flowers hidden between them. Bracts are elongated, similar in shape to hop cones. They have a multi-colored color, in which red and yellow colors smoothly merge into each other and meet light green.

As a room culture, only one variety of beloperone is grown – drip.

How to care for beloperone at home

flowering beloperoneGrowing naturally in the hot tropics, the flower thrives indoors. He loves warmth all year round, but if possible (and if the bush does not bloom), it is advisable to slightly lower the growing temperature for the winter to 15 ° C. For long-term flowering, the bush needs good, but diffused, lighting..

Simple caring for white perone consists of the following activities:

  1. Moderate watering with soft water.
  2. Regular spraying to maintain air humidity.
  3. Top dressing twice a month with a mineral complex. Moreover, if the plant is kept warm in winter, it should continue to be fertilized..
  4. Spring pruning of shoots by 1/3 and pinching of the tops to stimulate branching.

Young beloperone bushes are transplanted every year in the spring, without increasing the pot too much. Adult plants can be disturbed 3 times less often.

Growing beloperone at home – video

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