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A flower with leaves like that of an oak – the unsurpassed croton

Tell me, what is the name of a flower with leaves, like that of an oak? This houseplant was given to me by a colleague at work. There was no label on the pot, but I am very interested in identifying the stranger. Its leaves are very similar to oak leaves, only they are not rounded, but elongated. My pet has a bright green color, with a beautiful pattern of light veins. Perhaps there are other species, and I would not mind starting a collection, just to find out who it is..

flower with leaves like oak Our mother nature is rich in different plants and each of them is unique. At the same time, quite often you can find cultures that are very similar to each other, for example, even the giant oak has an interesting double. It is noteworthy that a flower with leaves, like that of an oak, is also a tree, only very small and is an original houseplant. The only similarity between them lies in the shape of the leaf plates, however, it is very distant. At the same time, many flower growers remember the flower for this very reason. What is this culture and what is so special about it?

Flower with leaves like oak

croton Indoor oak – this is what Croton is sometimes called, a plant from the Euphorbia family. You don’t need to look far for the reason, because its leaves really look like an oak tree. Croton grows in the form of a compact tree up to a maximum of 1 m in height. But to see its lush crown, you will have to wait more than one year, since the bush develops slowly. With oak, only the shapes of the plates are vaguely similar. In decorative – deciduous croton, they have a denser structure and a bright color..

The Latin name for croton is codiaum. It is noteworthy that at first it forms green young leaves. They acquire variegation over time as they age..

Croton gained its popularity due to its varied and bright color. The flower has about 14 varieties, and each of them, in turn, is original and has many varieties.. Most often in indoor floriculture you can find the following varieties of Croton:

  • Petra with green leaves and yellow veins;croton petra
  • Miss Aiston with yellow-red-pink variegated leaves;Croton Miss Aiston
  • Norm – with red streaks and yellow spots on green leaves;Croton norm
  • Gold Finger with narrow green and yellow leaves.Croton Gold Finger

Croton Excelent is most like an oak with its leaves. He has an interesting color with multi-colored veins on the yellow-green plate. Interestingly, on the reverse side, the leaf takes on a crimson tint..

Features of growing croton

growing crotonIn general, the plant is not particularly whimsical, but it still has some requirements. The flower loves bright, but diffused lighting and, with a lack of it, loses its color saturation. The evergreen croton does not have a rest period, and in winter it feels great at 18 ° C..

But the variegated bush does not like drafts and cold and begins to shed the foliage.

Increased requirements for the plant and for moisture. It should be watered abundantly and regularly, and the air humidity should also be maintained. But at the same time, it is important to ensure that the water does not stagnate, otherwise the root system will start to rot. Twice a month, you can apply special complex fertilizers for decorative – deciduous plants. Top dressing in winter will not hurt, but once a month is enough. In order for the bush to grow lush, it is recommended to pinch the growth points every 20 cm.

How to care for croton at home – video

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