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Home care for Dieffenbachia Camilla – a light-loving beauty with delicate leaves

Tell me, what is the home care for Camille Dieffenbachia? A flower was recently given to me by my colleagues for an anniversary, and it immediately won my love. I have not yet seen such wonderful leaves, although one variety is already growing at home, only it is greener. Does my new pet have any special requirements? Maybe she needs more light?

home care for dieffenbachia camilla A lush rosette of large leaves with an original pattern looks spectacular and will decorate any room. The beauty diifenbachia is one of the most decorative indoor plants, especially Camilla. Caring for Dieffenbachia Camilla at home is not difficult, because the most important thing is to provide the flower with moisture. He loves water very much in any form, and large leaf plates will become even more beautiful after wiping or spraying..

How Camille differs from other types of dieffenbachia

varietal features of camilla This variety grows in the same way as other plant species. It forms a rather thick stem, on which large oblong leaves are located. Almost all varieties have a clearly traced central vein. In Camilla, it is light, in contrast to most species with a dark green stripe. The transverse veins are also not clearly marked with a contrasting color scheme, they are just as if depressed.

However, the main advantage and characteristic feature, by which you can immediately recognize it, is the color of the foliage. It is unusually delicate, creamy white, but the edges of the plate are surrounded by a light green edging. No spots or specks, just light strokes in the area where the piping goes to the center of the sheet.

Interestingly, young leaves can be almost green at first. But as the plate grows and grows, the “green” remains only along the edge, and the center brightens.

Home Care for Dieffenbachia Camilla

adult dieffenbachiaTo maintain the color, the flower must be provided with good lighting. If you put the flowerpot on the north window or in the shade, the green border will disappear and the leaves will just turn cream. In this case, direct rays should not be allowed to fall on them – they will cause burns. For this reason, the south window is suitable only if the flower will not stand on the windowsill, but on the bedside table next to it, hidden from the sun by a curtain..

Dieffenbachia is also sensitive to low temperatures. As a heat-loving culture, it needs at least 20 ° heat in summer and 15 ° in winter. Relative to the soil, it should be fertile and light.

Caring for Camilla does not require much time and special procedures:

  1. The bush needs to be watered regularly, because it loves moisture, and often sprayed. However, the earth must have time to dry out, because in the swamp the roots will quickly rot.
  2. From spring to late summer, you can feed with a mineral complex, but not more than 3 times a month.
  3. Transplant into a larger pot every 3 years.
  4. As it dries, cut off the old leaves. Adult specimens with a bare trunk can be completely rejuvenated. To do this, you need to cut off the top. Then the flower will stop growing up and give side shoots..

Like other varieties, Dieffenbachia Camilla contains poisonous juice. Cut and replant it with gloves..

Growing dieffenbachia – video

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