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“Tasty” beauty is always at your fingertips – pepper A light on the windowsill, care for a spice in a pot

How to grow pepper Spark on a windowsill, what does caring for it include? I sowed seeds the other day – this is my second attempt to plant such a pepper. Last year I also planted it, but it never bloomed for me, and then it disappeared altogether. I don’t understand in any way what was the reason, I watered on time, however, did not fertilize. I decided to try again, tell me how to do it right to get a harvest.

pepper light on the windowsill care Lovers of hot spices can be recognized by looking in their windows – for sure there are peppers instead of violets and pelargoniums. Why not, because they look beautiful, especially varieties with colorful fruits, and the harvest does not depend on the weather. Most often, it is the Spark pepper that is grown on the windowsill, the care of which is practically no different from taking care of indoor flowers. Knowing the requirements of such a home culture for lighting, humidity and “nutrition”, it will not be difficult to wait for small, but such spicy, peppers. So what does indoor pepper need to bear fruit??

Features of growing a Fire in a pot

decorative pepper in a pot This variety is not in vain loved, because it is just perfect for pot growing. Compact bushes of the Ogonyok, even in adulthood, do not exceed 50 cm, and they can grow in a house up to 6 years. Moreover, from each bush you will receive at least fifty hot peppers. Ripe fruits look very impressive against the background of numerous green foliage. So pepper can also be called an ornamental plant..

But still, the main goal is still not a lush crown, but fruits. Therefore, you must provide the bushes with a comfortable microclimate. First of all, it concerns lighting – pepper loves the sun. Place the pot on a well-lit windowsill. Better to let it be the southeast side of the house. Direct rays are undesirable for the plant, they will burn the leaves at noon. Also, do not forget that pepper is thermophilic and does not like drafts very much..

Daylight hours for indoor peppers should be at least 10 hours. With a lack of lighting, he begins to throw off the leaves, stops blooming and even drops fruits.

Pepper Spark on the windowsill – home spice care

how to care for pepper with a twinkle at homeThe easiest way to grow the spice is from seeds that you can buy at the store. Or just get it out of the purchased Fire. Soak them and then sow them in a mini greenhouse. Grown up seedlings dive into pots, put them on a warm and light window.

Now you just have to support the development of the pepper:

  • water the bushes regularly, do not let the soil dry out;
  • in winter, if the room is too warm and dry air, periodically spray the crown;
  • to make the bush more lush, you can pinch the tops of young plants;
  • in spring and summer, feed with special fertilizers for peppers or tomatoes according to the instructions.

In order for the fruits to be larger, do not regret and remove some of the inflorescences.

Once every 2 years, transplant your Spark into a larger pot, but do not take it too deep. The substrate is suitable universal or mix in equal parts sand, humus and deciduous soil.

How to grow hot peppers on a window

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