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This flower is afraid of nothing, except for “moving” – heder, home care, photo

What kind of lighting does the header prefer, home care, can you see a photo of an adult plant? I used to think that it only grows on the street, but yesterday I saw a bush in a flower shop. The seller said that he is unpretentious, even in winter it continues to develop. But I forgot to ask where to put and whether the header should be trimmed?

hedera home care photos Contrary to popular belief that ivy is not at all suitable for home gardening, this culture feels great on windowsills and not only. Her beauty is not flashy, but as natural as possible, and her character is simple and unpretentious. This is a header, home care (see the photo further in the article) for which will not add much trouble to you. Even in partial shade, it will delight you with the rich color of the leaves, densely growing on long lashes. It is for them that liana is grown in order to be able to create a small corner of wildlife at home..

Hedera – home care, photo of the plant

hedera Hedera belongs to the Araliaceae family, and ivy is hidden under the mysterious name. Actually, this is what most flower growers call this culture. It grows in the form of a lush bush, forming long whips with age. With the help of air roots, they cling to the support and rush higher and higher. At first, flexible and soft, the heder lashes are gradually covered with bark. Ivy has beautiful leaves, a bit like a heart, but with edges. Most often grown monochromatic varieties with dark green leaves. On their rigid sheet plate, a pattern of lighter veins is clearly visible. But variegated heders look especially beautiful.

Indoor ivies are purely decorative plants and do not bloom in “captivity”. Ivy growing in open ground, although blooming, will not please you with anything special. Their flowers are small, white-green, and after the end of flowering, blue berries are tied in their place..

Indoor ivy temperature and lighting requirements

hedera variegatedA characteristic feature of cheders is fast growth rates, but only in comfortable conditions. So that your ivy actively grows new lashes and lengthens old shoots … I just want to continue, that you need to create a special microclimate for it, but in fact it is not. Hedera is not demanding, neither to lighting, nor to temperature, nor even to air humidity. The flower grows well in partial shade, even on northern windowsills, with the exception of variegated varieties. They need a little more light, but not even in order to survive, but to maintain variegation. Put it in the corner – the bush will continue to grow, just its leaves will turn green.

Liana also adapts well to almost any temperature, but does not like extreme heat. True, the tropics are rarely in any house, even (and especially) in winter, so this will not be a problem. If you have 20-23 ° C warmth in your house, this is what you need for ivy. He can easily survive the summer heat in an air-conditioned room, just do not put it directly under it. And you can safely send the cheder outside for the summer..

Hedera – home care for unpretentious ivy

how to care for a room hederGrowing indoor ivy is even easier than growing garden ivy:

  • water it regularly, preferably through a pan (an excess of moisture for a flower is worse than a lack of it);
  • spoil the ivy with a shower periodically to wash off the dust from the leaves, and they will shine again with a matte sheen;
  • feed with a mineral complex for decorative leafy plants twice a month so that the hat remains lush;
  • do not forget to install a support for adult bushes so that the shoots have something to cling to;
  • you can even help the vine in formation by pinching the tops and shortening the stems that are too long.

But what you definitely should not do is rearrange the pot. Immediately decide where the ivy will live, since he does not like permutations.

adult hederIt is advisable to replant young heders every spring. They also do not have any special wishes for the soil and grow well in a universal substrate with the addition of perlite. If you prefer to make your own soil mixtures, mix your garden soil with peat and sand. Such a composition is suitable for a chedere.

Room Hedera Care Secrets

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