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How to grow blueberries on the site – the subtleties of planting and care

Tell us how to grow blueberries on the site? We have ordered seedlings in the nursery, we are planning to breed a shrub for sale. There is a free piece of land in the garden at the dacha, the place there is bright and cozy. How to plant, do you need to fertilize and how to care for blueberries?

how to grow blueberries on the site Many gardeners dream of planting blueberries, but not everyone dares to do it. The same summer residents who got their own seedlings often face problems. The bushes take root, but over time they begin to disappear. The fact is that this berry is very demanding on the composition of the soil and nutrition, but not all fertilizers are good for it. Therefore, before planting a useful perennial, it is worth learning how to grow blueberries on the site.

Requirements for soil and planting site

place for blueberries To grow blue-gray berries, you need to take the brightest place in the garden, while without drafts. Blueberries love warmth and sunshine – it is in these conditions that a good harvest can be expected. In a shady corner, the bushes will grow, but the amount of ovary will decrease. In addition, the development of the shoots themselves will slow down. As a result, the bark will not have time to harden and in winter they will freeze at best or will freeze completely.

Lowlands are categorically unsuitable for blueberries – there is high humidity. The roots of the bush will start to rot and it will disappear.

It is equally important that the soil on the site meets the requirements of the plant. Blueberries will grow and bear fruit only on acidic and light soil. The best option is if it will be peat bogs or sandy substrate. If the soil does not meet these conditions, you need to take additional care and create the necessary structure by adding to the beds:

  • rotted leaves;
  • high-moor peat;
  • bark;
  • sawdust.

On heavy loams in the planting hole, good drainage should also be done..

Planting recommendations for blueberries

planting blueberriesIn order to get the first harvest soon, it is better to use already grown seedlings for planting. It is advisable to purchase bushes at the age of 2-3 years. They can be planted in spring or early autumn.. The planting scheme depends on the plant variety.:

  • low-growing blueberries can be planted, leaving a distance of 70 cm between the bushes;
  • for tall varieties, you need to retreat at least 90 cm.

The depth of the planting hole is on average 50 cm.If the soil is prepared in advance, fertilizer may not be added to the hole before planting. It is enough to pour a little peat on the bottom. The seedling itself should be buried 5-6 cm higher than it grew before. The trunk circle must be mulched.

How to grow blueberries on the site – the subtleties of care

blueberry careIf the planting was carried out according to all the rules, in the future, blueberries will not cause much trouble.. Caring for her should be regular, but without fanaticism, especially in some matters:

  1. Watering the bushes should be done in moderation, not flooding, so as not to provoke decay. In the summer, it is enough to do this twice a week, but abundantly. In the heat, you can periodically spray the crown.
  2. There should be mulch under the plants at all times. It will help retain moisture and inhibit weed growth..
  3. It is better to remove weeds that have made their way through the mulch by hand. Blueberries have shallow roots and can be damaged with a hoe.
  4. During the season, at least 3 dressings should be carried out using mineral complexes. The first time fertilization is applied in early spring, the second – when the bushes bloom, and the third – after the fruit is set. At the same time, organic matter should be abandoned. Many blueberry varieties do not tolerate it..
  5. To maintain the acidity of the soil from spring to mid-autumn, water the plants 2 times a month by adding citric acid.
  6. Every spring, prune shrubs, thinning them and removing diseased branches. You also need to cut out dense young growth from the roots..

If you follow the recommendations above, growing blueberries will bring pleasure and a good harvest. It hibernates successfully in our climate and can delight with an abundance of berries for more than 50 years..

Video on how to properly plant and care for blueberries

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