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Delicate beauty viburnum Sargent: popular varieties of varieties

Tell us what is the Sargent viburnum and how should it look? I met a bush with yellow fruits at my acquaintances, they assure that they acquired it as a varietal in the nursery. And my grandmother had an absolutely barren shrub, although it bloomed all the time. Maybe it was a different kind?

viburnum sargent Viburnum Sargent is one of the beautiful varieties of decorative viburnum varieties. Even the only bush in the garden can become its real decoration, especially when it is time for flowering and delicate inflorescences open on the branches, the white color of which is favorably set off by a bright green lush deciduous crown.

Description of the variety

Sargent is a large shrub with a powerful spreading crown and a large number of side shoots, due to which the viburnum grows very lush. In summer, due to the dense foliage, the shoots themselves are practically invisible on the numerous branches. The leaves are attached to the shoots with long petioles, which distinguishes the variety from the common viburnum, in which they are shorter. By autumn, the foliage acquires a beautiful crimson hue..

At the end of May, the plant blooms in large inflorescences about 3 cm in diameter, while the inflorescences are both sterile and bisexual. The former are always only white, while the latter are creamy. The fruits ripen in mid-autumn and are usually quite small and red, although there are exceptions. They are edible and medicinal..

The size of the bush is impressive: adult plants reach a height of up to 4 m, while the diameter of the crown is almost equal to the total height of the viburnum, and the diameter of old branches can reach 5 cm at their base. The variety easily tolerates frosty winters without shelter and is able to grow in shaded areas. Grows better in fertile and rich soils.

Kalina Sargenta is a long-lived perennial and is capable of reaching 50 years of age.

Species forms of the variety

There are about 7 varieties of the variety, but the most famous among them are:

  1. Sargent Onondaga. Differs in the unusual shape of the leaves (in the form of a wedge) and the burgundy color of the central flowers.Sargent Onondaga
  2. Sargent Sterile. Blooms in snow-white inflorescences that are sterile.sargent sterile
  3. Sargent Lutescens. Has a yellowish color of flowers unusual for viburnum.Sargent Lutescens
  4. Sargent Flavum. Unlike other varieties of viburnum, it bears fruit with yellow small berries.Sargent Flavum

Video on how to grow viburnum

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