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What is the difference between a perch and an apricot?

A young garden was laid in the summer cottage, which already began to bear fruit last year. But one tree surprised me very much – I bought a large-fruited apricot, but the harvest was quite small. The neighbor says that they sold me a perch at the market. Tell me what is the difference between an apricot and a perch, how to distinguish them?

apricot fruit When buying young apricot seedlings, many novice gardeners are often faced with the fact that instead of a varietal tree, they are offered its wild relative – a zherdel. In general, this is not the worst option, because the fruits of the wild are very fragrant, moreover, in terms of yield, they are several times higher than cultivated apricots. However, there are still significant differences between them that are worth paying attention to. You can distinguish a veneer from an apricot:

  • by the appearance and taste of the fruit;
  • by the characteristics of cultivation.

Comparative characteristics of fruits


The main difference between a perch and an apricot is that their fruits differ in appearance and taste. You need to pay attention to:

  1. The size. Apricots are large in size, some varieties can exceed 150 g, while the wild game is many times smaller and the fruit grows to a maximum of 35 g.
  2. Taste. Varietal fruits are very juicy and sweet, while wild fruits are slightly bitter and contain less juice and sugar..
  3. Pulp. A real apricot separates well from the stone, has a dense pulp without fibrous threads. And it is quite difficult for a veneer with its fibrous pulp to tear it from the bone.
  4. Bone. The perch bone is very large, but not edible, since it contains a lot of acid and is very bitter from this. In addition, it has thick walls and is difficult to break. Apricot kernel has a sweet taste and is easier to extract.

Gerdela reproduces by seed. Its seeds are also good for obtaining rootstock for apricot..

Growing features


Despite the outward similarity of trees, they have different requirements for growing conditions. Apricot is quite capricious, it requires warmth, sun, regular watering and light soil. He does not like drafts and stagnant moisture, is sensitive to diseases and often dries up for no reason.

Zherdela is not so spoiled by nature, she is able to grow even on poor and stony soil. Due to the developed root system, the wild game tolerates dry hot summers well. It is more resistant to cold winter temperatures and disease. In addition, in the process of growth, it does not require regular pruning and feeding, like varietal apricot..

However, despite significant differences, both species are susceptible to spring frosts and grow poorly on clay soil..

How to grow apricots – video

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