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What is the Gloria Mundi rose and what is its peculiarity

Tell me what kind of rose Gloria Mundi belongs to and how does it bloom? I bought two seedlings and planted them in the foreground of the rose garden, now I worry that they will be tall and can overshadow the compact varieties growing behind them. What is the height of this rose as an adult? And I would also very much like to know how long it will bloom, once or all summer?

rose gloria mundi If you need large rosebuds to cut, plant tea hybrids. But for the decoration of borders, especially if it is important that they bloom luxuriantly and for a long time, give preference to old types. Polyanthus rose Gloria Mundi is one of the similar and very showy varieties. Yes, its flowers are small enough, but they gather in lush large inflorescences. At the same time, they have a catchy, non-fading color, they last for a long time and bloom until the very frost. In addition, the bushes themselves are compact in size and extremely unpretentious, which allows them to be grown anywhere..

Rose Gloria Mundi – description of the variety and specific features

varietal features of the rose gloria mundi Gloria Mundi is a popular vintage polyanthus rose. The main feature of this variety is its multifloral nature. Each inflorescence consists of at least 15 buds, and there are varieties that have up to fifty of them. Such flower hats are crowned with almost all branches of the bush, turning it into one huge bouquet. The roses themselves at Gloria Mundi are small, no more than 2.5 cm in diameter, but double, with a bright red-orange color. The buds do not lose their rich color for a long time, they are resistant to wind, rain and sun. Flowering lasts from mid-summer to late autumn. The variety will also please with its compact size, because the bushes grow no more than 45 cm.

Rose Gloria Mundi can be grown not only for the purpose of decorating the site. The variety is characterized by high durability of the buds – they do not crumble for a long time after blooming. This allows roses to be cut into bouquets..

A few words about growing technology

rose inflorescence gloria mundiThe Gloria Mundi rose variety is known not only for its long flowering. It has high immunity, practically does not get sick and is very frost-resistant..

It is very easy to grow polyanthus roses, including this variety. Caring for them will be minimal:

  • regular watering once a week;
  • feeding with mineral complexes until August in order to maintain the splendor of flowering and extend its periods;
  • pruning bushes in early spring (shortening all shoots by a third and removing dry branches).

As for shelter for the winter, only young roses need it. Adult bushes of polyanthus roses in almost any climate winter outdoors, and only in the northern regions are they covered with spruce branches.

How to plant polyanthus roses

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