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An ancient culture that has not lost its value today – brussonetia, paper tree

What is the brussonetia paper tree and what does it look like? I saw only a photo, inflorescences or fruits, and did not understand. They are quite unusual, they look like orange balls. We have never met such trees in nature, so I wonder if I find seeds or a seedling, will it grow in our climate.

brussonetia paper tree If some types of trees are grown for the sake of fruit, and others for decorative purposes, then this plant can be called unique. An unusual and rather rare brussonetia paper tree is one of the ancient cultures that appeared at the beginning of our era. It looks very beautiful and bears fruit with edible fruits. It is also a source of food, fibers for making clothes and paper, and even for medicinal products..

Brussonetia – paper tree, botanical characteristic

brussonetia Brussonetia belongs to the mulberry family and is one of the few representatives of the genus of the same name. The main habitat of the tree is East Asia, where it grows up to 35 m in height. In less favorable conditions, the tree has only 10 m or even takes the form of a spreading bush.female paper tree flowers

Brussonetia has very decorative leaves, and on the same tree there can be plates with completely different shapes. There are wide, whole leaves up to 15 cm long or deeply dissected into three lobes. Each is decorated with a scalloped edge. But this is not all the decorativeness of the deciduous cover. The two-tone color gives it a special charm. Rather, the color is one, dark green, but due to the dense pubescence, the reverse side of the leaves seems much lighter. No less beautiful and varied is the bloom of brussonetia.male paper tree flowers

Since the paper tree is a dioecious crop, the shape of the inflorescences depends on who is growing, a boy or a girl. Male white small flowers are collected in long rocking chairs. And the women are colored orange and have the shape of a ball..

After pollination in place of flowers, round fruits are tied and ripen in early autumn. They are covered with green skin, and inside are spongy.

Where is brussonetia used

scopes of brussonetiaAs the name implies, the main purpose of paper wood is to be used as a raw material for making paper. The bark of the tree is very dense, yet flexible and easy to remove. Long, strong grain produces excellent quality elastic paper.

In addition, paper wood is widely used in other fields as well:

  1. Medicine. In official medicine, the culture has not received recognition, but in folk medicine it is known for its diuretic and strengthening properties. Brussonetia is able to relieve swelling, improve vision. It stops bleeding and heals kidney disease.
  2. Cooking. Not only fruits that are eaten raw or boiled are edible, but also young leaves. For example, Asians like to add them to salads..
  3. Industry. In addition to paper, the bark of the tree is used to make fabric, ropes, and even a leather substitute. And from the seeds they make oil, which is part of the soap..

Do not forget about the beautiful decorative look. An unpretentious and drought-resistant tree with unusual leaves is planted in city parks.

What does brussonetia look like?

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