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Frost-resistant shrubs for Siberia: we make a hedge

Tell me, what can you make a hedge in Siberia? Our site is located in such a way that the wind is constantly walking on it. I would like to create a protective wall of vegetation, so that it shelters from the wind and looks beautiful.

hedge in Siberia There is one very important aspect to consider when choosing plants for a hedge in harsh climates such as Siberia. In addition to the beautiful (and, if desired, unapproachable) appearance of plants, it is worth studying their ability to withstand low temperatures. After all, winter in Siberia comes early and lasts a long time, in addition, it is usually accompanied by large precipitation and low temperatures. Shrubs with poor winter hardiness are absolutely inappropriate in such a region – they will simply freeze out.

What can be used to make a hedge in Siberia so that after a long winter it remains healthy and does not lose its appearance and beauty? We offer a short selection of winter-hardy plants that will help you make the right choice.

Coniferous hedge

Such representatives of conifers have high frost resistance:

  1. Spruce common. Differs in long needles and fast growth, in a year it rises to a height of 50 cm. It does not freeze even at 45 degrees of frost. Well tolerates a haircut, which results in a dense hedge.common spruce
  2. Siberian fir. Has soft branches and a dense crown, used to create tall hedges that protect against gusts of wind.fir

The advantages of using conifers are obvious: they stand green and beautiful all year round, belong to long-livers and, moreover, purify the air..

Thornless shrub hedge

Deciduous plants for growing in Siberia are suitable:

  1. Cotoneaster brilliant. A medium-sized shrub (no more than 2 m) is characterized by slow growth, but a good response to a haircut. The bushes are densely covered with small glossy leaves. Rarely sick, resistant to freezing.cotoneaster shiny
  2. Maiden grapes. Absolutely unpretentious weaving liana shrub with carved leaves quickly braids the support and is able to grow even in the shade. Requires regular pruning to maintain shape.girlish grapes

Plant hedge with thorns

If the purpose of creating a fence is not only its decorative effect and protection from the wind, but also impassability, you can plant:

  1. Siberian hawthorn. The average height of the shrub reaches 4 m, not very thick shoots are covered with rather long (up to 5 cm) thorns. It is very viable, even without additional pruning, the hawthorn will create an impregnable fence, which, moreover, looks beautiful both during flowering and when the fruit ripens.hawthorn
  2. Rosehip prickly. A bush with a wide spreading crown no more than 2 m in height, emits a strong smell during the flowering period, bears fruit with black berries. Grows fast, tolerates cold winters well.rose hip

Shrubs for hedges in Siberia – video

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