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Choosing bushes for hedges

I plan to fence myself off from the neighboring site in the spring, but I don’t want to put up a fence. At a family council, it was decided to plant the plants to create the most natural green border possible. Tell me which bushes are better to use for hedges?

hedge bushes Recently, a hedge has been a favorite element in the landscape design of summer cottages. It not only allows you to save financially on the purchase of the necessary materials for the construction of fences, but also decorates it. And if you pick up plants bearing edible berries for planting, you can generally kill two birds with one stone: build a fence and get a tasty harvest.

Before choosing which bushes to plant to create a hedge, you should decide what it should be – high or low.

The formation of shrubs is also important. If there is no desire to trim them annually, it is better to give preference to free-growing species that do not need pruning..

Low-growing shrubs for hedges

A compact green fence with a height of 0.5 to 2 m is obtained from the following perennials:

  1. St. John’s wort. One of the shortest evergreen shrubs (its height does not exceed 50 cm), but it has a dense and wide, up to 70 cm, crown. The leaves are small, oval, gray-green. From the second half of summer to early autumn, it blooms with large yellow flowers. Needs anti-aging pruning every 4 years. Frost-resistant, shade-tolerant.St. John's wort
  2. Shrub cinquefoil. Another compact, but already deciduous, shrub up to 1.5 m high. The crown is dense, green leaves are slightly pubescent, inflorescences are white or yellow. Requires shaping haircut in spring.shrub cinquefoil
  3. Cotoneaster brilliant. Deciduous shrub no more than 2 m high, with a dense crown of numerous dark green leaves, which turn purple by autumn. At the end of spring, pink inflorescences bloom, in place of which red or black round fruits are formed. Drought tolerant and easy to form.cotoneaster shiny

Which bushes are suitable for a high hedge?

If you need to hide the area from prying eyes, it is better to choose tall shrubs with a height of 3 m and more. Among them, the following look good in the role of a hedge:

  1. Derain white Elegentissima. The height of the winter-hardy bush is 3 m, the red shoots are straight, bending with age. The leaves are gray with a white border. Requires corrective cropping.derain white elegantissima
  2. Tatar maple. Ideal for super-high hedges: the height of a powerful bush with a wide oval crown reaches 10 m. The bark is almost black, the green leaves are elongated, with a trident cut at the tips, lighter on the back. In the fall, the foliage turns red. Inflorescences are white. Drought and frost resistant, can be formed.maple tartar
  3. Viburnum diabolo diabolo. A spectacular bush with a spherical crown of drooping shoots up to 3 m high and the same crown diameter. The leaves are corrugated, purple, the flowers are pale pink. Grows well on its own, but old shoots must be cut.bladderworm diabolo

Video review of the best shrubs for hedges

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