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Making a compact hedge from low-growing shrubs

I have a private house on a small plot, there is not enough space in the yard. I want to set up long flower beds on the street along the house and limit them with dense bushes. Tell me what undersized shrubs can be used for hedges?

hedge Recently, in landscape design, instead of bulky fences, hedges, created from various types of shrubs, are increasingly used. The choice of such plants is simply huge and depends both on their appearance and directly on the purpose. The owners of multi-level houses often choose tall varieties that grow and almost completely hide the site from prying eyes. On the other hand, low shrubs are also in great demand and are widely used for landscaping..

Benefits of low-growing shrubs

Of course, a thick and high hedge will not only create a dense screen, but also become an insurmountable obstacle in the way of unwanted guests. But with age, such a screen will “eat” a decent part of the site, besides, for trimming, you will have to carry a ladder behind you in order to get the tops.

But caring for a hedge of low-growing shrubs is not difficult at all. In addition, with the help of miniature borders, you can divide the site into sectors and fence the flower beds around the perimeter, while leaving their contents in sight.

The hedge can be either formed (requiring regular pruning) or free-growing (not requiring a haircut).

Free growing shrubs that do not require pruning

Of the plants that are most convenient to grow, you can use:

  1. Snowberry white. The bush is about 1.5 m in height with slightly drooping shoots and green leaves. Ties round ball-shaped berries in September.snowberry
  2. Rose rugosa Red Rugostar. The maximum height of the bush is 80 cm, blooms from May until frost with red odorless roses, from which orange fruits are formed in autumn.rose rugosa
  3. Mahonia holly. An evergreen bush no more than 1.2 m high. The leaves are dense, large, during blooming, a red tint prevails, by summer they turn green, and in autumn they cast golden-bronze. It blooms twice (in May and October) with yellow inflorescences. Fruits in small blue berries that ripen in August and are edible.mahonia

When choosing plants, you should pay attention to the presence of thorns in them, especially if there are small children in the house..

Shrubs for molded hedges

A beautiful, neat and low hedge is obtained from such undersized plants:

  1. Barberry Admireshin. A round bush no more than 50 cm high with a dense crown of red leaves with a yellow border. In May, it blooms with pink flowers, from which red fruits are formed by autumn.barberry
  2. White bloodroot. Bush height 25 cm, blooms with large white inflorescences.bloodroot
  3. Stunted boxwood Suffruticosa. Slow growing evergreen shrub with leathery leaves. Shades well.boxwood
  4. Hydrangea paniculata Daruma. The maximum height of the bush is no more than 1.5 m, it grows very slowly. Red shoots form a vertical crown with oblong green leaves with a reddish tint. Creamy inflorescences-panicles at the beginning of flowering turn pink at the end.hydrangea

Video recommendations for choosing undersized shrubs for hedges and curbs

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