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What care for ezemalina in autumn – preparing bushes for wintering

Tell us what does the care of the zemaline in the fall include? We bought several seedlings yesterday and have already planted them in the garden. The seller said that for the winter, the bushes will need to be prepared and must be covered. What else needs to be done so that they do not disappear? It is not always possible to get this plant from us, it will be a pity if it freezes.

care for ezmalina in autumn Ezhemalina is confidently gaining popularity among gardeners due to its high yield rates and unpretentious nature. Competent care of the raspberry in autumn is a guarantee that next season you will have a lot of large berries. The culture grows well and rather quickly, while the berries themselves are larger than those of raspberries. In general, the plant is not capricious, but some nuances still exist. And they concern, first of all, the wintering of the Ezmalin, especially for young, planted in the current season, seedlings. Some varieties cannot survive the winter without the help of gardeners. If you do not cover them, there is a risk that the bushes will freeze.

Autumn care

ezhemalina At the end of the season, after the end of fruiting, it is time to prepare the plant for winter.. This process consists of the following activities:

  • pruning;
  • preventive treatment against pests and diseases;
  • bush shelter.

Also, autumn is a good time for reproduction of the root suckers. At the end of September, you can also plant purchased seedlings. Given the good growth rate, about 1 m should be left between them..

How to prune ezemalina in the fall

pruningPruning must be done before the onset of frost. Sick and dried shoots should be completely cut out. In addition, the old bushes need to be thinned out by cutting out a part of the young growth, if there is a lot of it. It is necessary to remove the weakest and thinnest branches. In thickened plants, you can also cut out some old branches..

If there was no opportunity to cut the yogurt in the fall, it does not matter. Haircuts can also be done in early spring. At this time, it will be clearly visible which shoots have not overwintered and must be removed..

Planting treatment for prevention

preventive treatmentYezhemalina has a high resistance to diseases, but it will not hurt to take additional measures. To minimize the risk of possible damage by fungi or pests, it is better to process the bushes before leaving for the winter:

  • folk remedies, for example, horsetail decoction;
  • special preparations-fungicides (Topaz, Skor).

How to hide ezemalina

shelterThere are varieties that winter well, and in the southern regions they can survive the winter well without shelter. However, during the first wintering, it is recommended to keep young plants. But ezhemalina varieties with low frost resistance must be covered annually. To do this, tall shoots are removed from supports or trellises and laid on the ground. From above they cover with spruce branches, straw, roofing material. It is advisable to prepare old bushes with strong erect shoots in advance. In order not to break the branches, you need to tie a load to them – so the branches will gradually bend themselves.

Autumn pruning of ezemalina – video

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