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How to propagate Kampsis – all ways to get a new vine

Tell me how to propagate Kampsis? We have a good high arch in our yard, there used to be grapes on it, but it gradually disappeared. There are a couple of table varieties left and this is enough for us, I do not plan to plant new seedlings. I decided to plant ornamental climbing plants instead of grapes. And it will be beautiful, and the shade is good. Here, I want to ask my neighbor Kampsis – she has a gorgeous bush. But she’s just a girl and doesn’t know how to do it right. Maybe cut the cuttings?

how to propagate kampsis Campsis attracts many and not only for its original flowering, but also for its unpretentious nature and good growth rates. If you decide to plant this crop on the site, it does not hurt to know how to propagate Kampsis. Wonderful orange bells can decorate even the most unsightly corner. The creeping shoots of a bush with a dense deciduous cap will turn a garden arch or a wall of a farm building into a corner of wildlife. It is not surprising if soon you want to plant a few more bushes of this blooming vine..

Breeding Kampsis is not at all difficult, because it is very tenacious. Both cuttings and cuttings take root well. In general, this can be done in two ways: seed and vegetative. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail..

How to propagate kampsis by seeds

seed campsis Seeds are sown in early spring for seedlings and grown indoors. The soil should be light and nutritious, preferably with the addition of peat. Seeds sprout for a long time, after about a month. All this time, the room should have a temperature of at least 22 ° C. The grown seedlings dive into separate pots. With the onset of a stable above-zero temperature, it can be planted in the garden..

The shrub is rarely propagated by seeds, mainly by amateurs of this business. This is not only due to the troublesome care of the seedlings. Bushes obtained from seeds do not retain their parental characteristics and may have lower winter hardiness. If you plan to harvest seeds from your own plant, you will have to wait 8 years. Accordingly, a bush grown from seeds will bloom only after this time..

Kampsis vegetative propagation methods

The vegetative method has many more advantages than the seed method. New plants are stronger, winter better and bloom earlier. You can get them using:

  1. Root shoots. Campsis is increasing it so much that it has to be cut annually. In the spring, before the next pruning of the bush, you should carefully dig out the young shoot along with a fragment of the root. In this case, the growth itself should have at least a dozen of its own small roots. Delenka must be dropped off at a permanent place. You can plant shoots in the fall, but before frost, so that the bushes have time to take root.Root Campsis
  2. Layering. The vine has an interesting ability to form roots on the shoots themselves. With miniature but strong roots, it clings to the support and reliably fixes the branch on it. You can take advantage of this and dig in the lower shoot in the spring. Already this season, it will take root in the soil. However, it is better to separate and plant the layers for the next spring..kampsis cut
  3. Cuttings. Both young and lignified shoots are suitable as planting material. The cutting itself should have at least 3 buds, while it is better to use the central part of the branch. Lignified cuttings should be taken in the spring, and they can be planted immediately in a permanent place. Green cuttings are carried out in the summer, and the shoots are rooted first in the mother liquor. Young Kampsis can only be seated next spring..Kampsis cuttings

As you can see, the fastest result will be obtained by reproduction of kampsis by shoots and lignified cuttings. For layering and green cuttings, you need to wait until spring..

Reproduction of Kampsis by cuttings – video

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