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Hydrangea paniculata – varieties with photos

Please tell us what varieties of hydrangea paniculata have, with a photo is desirable. Quite by accident I came across a very beautiful bush with multi-colored caps, but I don’t know what it’s called. I would like to plant a few more, but in a different color. And he also wonders how a hydrangea with lighting – will it grow in partial shade?

panicle hydrangea varieties with photo It can be safely called one of the most beautiful garden plants. With practically no special requirements for cultivation, this culture will delight with a stormy and colorful flowering all summer long until the very frosts. We are talking about such a flower as panicle hydrangea, the varieties with a photo of which we will discuss a little today. What is it about this flowering shrub that gardeners love it so much, and how it differs from other types of hydrangea.

Characteristic features of the species

features of panicle hydrangea One of the main advantages of the panicle hydrangea is its increased winter hardiness. Unlike other, more thermophilic species, it can safely hibernate without shelter, even in the middle lane. It will be enough only to protect the root system with a blanket of mulch, and the aboveground part of the bush will survive the frosts and so on.

Young seedlings develop rather quickly and will delight with the first flowering already in the third year of life. The main flowers in the color of the buds are white, yellow, pink and red. But their transitions and varied shades are amazing.

Hydrangea is also unpretentious to lighting. Moreover, it will bloom longer in a semi-shaded place, and besides, it will retain a delicate range of colors. However, the bush can grow in the open sun, but in this case it will quickly fade. And the color of the buds will either fade or become darker, depending on the variety and main color.

Hydrangea paniculata – varieties with photos

Most often, the culture grows in the form of a branchy shrub. But if you wish, you can form a flowering tree on a trunk.

The variety of varieties of panicle hydrangea is striking, both in its shades and in the size of flowering caps. Some of the brightest representatives of the species can be considered:

  1. Vanilla Fraze. The bush is up to 1.5 m high, the inflorescences are large, in the form of a cone. At the beginning of flowering, they are painted white, at the end they acquire a raspberry hue..hydrangea vanilla freise
  2. Polar Bear. In the middle of summer, it blooms with creamy white inflorescences, the tips of which are painted in pistachio color. At the end of flowering, in autumn, a light pink tint appears on them..hydrangea polar bear
  3. Limelight. The height of the bush does not exceed 1.5 m, while the length of the inflorescences reaches 30 cm.First they are green-yellow, by autumn they fade and turn white.hydrangea limelight
  4. Bobo. A compact bush no more than 70 cm high has 30-cm white inflorescences.hydrangea bobo
  5. Weems Ed. An original variety that radically changes color. In June, white inflorescences bloom, and after a month they become sharply scarlet..hydrangea weems ed

10 most beautiful varieties of panicle hydrangea

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