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We save the harvest with humane methods – how to protect cherries from starlings

Last year we were left without berries – all the cherries were spoiled by the starlings, who got into the habit of our country house as soon as it began to blush. Is there any effective method on how to protect cherries from starlings? They put a stuffed animal, at first the birds were afraid of it, but then they got used to it and grew bolder. What else can you think of to eat cherries at least this year??

how to protect cherries from starlings Birds love juicy and sweet cherries no less than we do, and starlings generally like them a favorite delicacy. But besides the noise from the flock, the gardeners have a new problem, and of catastrophic proportions – the loss of the long-awaited harvest. To prevent this from happening, it is worth taking care in advance of how to protect cherries from starlings and other “winged parasites”. After all, they not only completely destroy the berries, but, by pecking them, make them a tasty morsel for insects, which, in turn, can carry the disease. In addition, having started a fight for the most delicious berry, the starlings sweep away everything in their path, including the young growth..

How to protect cherries from starlings

pests cherry starlings On the one hand, birds provide invaluable help – two starlings eat almost 400 different insect pests and their larvae per day. So declaring a war of destruction on them is not worth it. But I also feel sorry for my labor, so the methods must be humane. So as not to harm the birds and preserve the harvest.

There are two ways to discourage impudent people:

  • by installing scarers (homemade or special, from the store);
  • closing the access to the berries to the birds by using the shelter of the tree.

How can you scare away starlings

disc scarers against starlingsStarlings do not like loud sounds, sudden movements, and anything else that glitters or rustles. Some gardeners argue that birds don’t like white either. Given these features of starlings, you can hang on a tree to scare away:

  • long strips of white film;
  • homemade turntables;
  • old CDs;
  • Christmas garlands;
  • bright stuffed animals (it is better if they are birds of prey).

In specialized stores, ready-made scarers are sold. The most effective of these is an ultrasound machine. It does not bother people, it causes fear in birds, moreover, it covers a large area and is suitable for a whole garden.

How and from what to make a shelter for cherries

shelter of cherries with a net from starlingsFor young trees that have not yet reached a large size, a protective shelter can be made. For example, stretch a synthetic mesh with fine meshes over the frame and set it over the tree. Instead of a mesh, you can use a non-woven material that allows light, moisture and air to pass through.

Making scarers for starlings on cherries

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