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What to do if an adult apple tree does not bloom

Good day! Bought 7 years ago two Antonov apple trees, three years old (as we were told). They have never bloomed yet! What’s the matter? Fertilized, cut, sprayed, whatever they did! Help me please!

the apple tree does not bloom Garden owners sometimes face such a problem that the planted trees, including apple trees, grow well, give new shoots, but do not bloom. Sometimes it depends on the specific variety, because some species begin to bear fruit 6-7 years after planting. In other cases, trees can be planted in an area with a high groundwater table, and actively release only vegetative buds. But if the place is chosen correctly and the apple tree is in time to bloom, and she stubbornly does not want to do this, you will have to apply both standard and “secret” gardening techniques to it.

By the way, some of the methods are quite unusual and even aggressive, but according to the statements of the practitioners of these methods of specialists, they are very effective..

So, to make an apple tree bloom, you can apply one of the methods:

  • adjust the feeding scheme;
  • carry out hard pruning;
  • change the shape of the crown;
  • inflict minor injuries on a tree for the purpose of intimidation;
  • dig deep in the trunk circle around the circumference.

Changing the feeding scheme

As you know, fertilizers containing nitrogen contribute to the active growth of young shoots. Of course, this is also important for a young garden, however, so that the apple tree does not begin to fatten to the detriment of flowering, nitrogen fertilization should be minimized.


apple pruning

With an annual growth of 10 cm, the apple tree just needs to be stopped a little. To do this, at the beginning of March, shorten all branches without affecting the fruit branches, if any..

Crown change

changing the slope of a branch

The branches of the apple tree tend to grow vertically. If the tree does not want to bloom, you need to slightly change its crown and move the lower 4 branches (five can be, depending on the size of the tree) to a horizontal position.

In the fall, tie bricks or other heavy load to the selected branches. Alternatively, you can drive pegs into the ground, bend the branches and tie them firmly to the support. The shoots of the apple tree are quite flexible and, if the procedure is carried out carefully, will not break, and the next year the tree itself will take the proposed shape and the branches will remain in this position even without load.

It is necessary to bend the branches at an angle as close as possible to 90 degrees from the main trunk.

How to scare an apple tree?

The use of such a radical method as intimidation is fully justified, since nature has laid down that before the fear of death, a tree seeks to leave behind offspring.

You can scare the apple tree:

  • removing a small strip of bark from the trunk;
  • making cuts on the bark with a knife;
  • driving a few rusty nails into the trunk.

Knife wounds should be covered with garden varnish..

Rusty iron is recommended to be buried under a tree if there is a lack of this trace element in the soil, which also causes reluctance to bloom.

Root invasion

By all the rules, the digging of the trunk circle is carried out superficially, without affecting the roots. But if the apple tree does not want to bloom, it is necessary to slightly damage the root system: dig a deep groove around the circumference of the tree (about 2 meters from the trunk), without leaving the crown. This stimulates the development of fibrous roots and the laying of generative buds..

The scientific way, how to make an apple tree bear fruit, video

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