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Get acquainted with shrubs that resemble acacia

I really love the smell of blooming acacia and always try to find at least half an hour to walk in the park, where we have a lot of them. This summer, during one of these walks, I noticed beautiful bushes among the trees. They looked a bit like acacia with their leaves, but they bloomed differently. Please tell us what are the bushes that look like acacia?

acacia At the word acacia, most of us imagine large trees with fragrant clusters of white blossoms that grow into long pods. Did you know that acacia can be diverse? There are also more compact specimens among its species, and they may differ from the generally accepted description. In addition, Mother Nature has created such plants that are somewhat similar to acacia, but in fact are not. What shrubs are most similar to acacia? Firstly, these are directly its specific varieties, and secondly, some plants, the shape of the leaves of which resembles acacia. Let’s take a quick look at each of them..

Did you know that acacia is known from ancient names and symbolizes innocence and purity of thoughts? It was from her wood that Noah’s ark was built.

Shrub species of acacia

There are over 800 varieties of acacia, most of which are found in the wild and are large trees. But among them there are also tree-like shrubs of quite compact sizes. For their unpretentious care, spectacular decorative appearance and dense root, they are often used in landscape design to create impenetrable hedges.

So, such shrub species of acacia are very beautiful:

  1. Robinia pseudoacacia new mexican. Tall bush with an oval crown, spiked shoots, pubescent. Gray-green leaves are large, pink-purple inflorescences are collected in dense clusters and do not smell.robinia new mexican
  2. Robinia bristly. Shrub up to 3 m high, without thorns, but all in red bristles, which fall off from time to time. Flowers pink, large, in loose inflorescences, odorless.robinia bristly
  3. Robinia armed. A medium-sized branching bush with thorns instead of stipules, the leaves themselves are small, round. Yellow flowers in the form of balls, single.robinia armed

Shrubs with foliage bearing some resemblance to acacia

In addition to acacia, such bush crops also have beautiful feathery leaves:

  1. Rowan-leaved fieldberry. The shape of the leaf plate resembles an acacia, but the leaves-feathers themselves are pointed and more like a mountain ash. Inflorescences are white lush panicles with long stamens protruding from each flower.fieldfare mountain ash
  2. Shrub amorph. The leaves are almost identical to acacia, but are larger and contain essential oils. Small purple flowers form a spike-shaped elongated inflorescence, smell of vanilla.shrub amorph

How to grow pseudo-acacia at home – video

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