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Why are tangerines useful and are there any harm from them

Tell us what are the benefits of tangerines? In our house, they are not only on the New Year’s table. The whole family, both adults and children, love these overseas fruits. My daughter even planted a bone and this year we tried our first homemade tangerine. I heard that tangerine skin and pulp are useful for the prevention of various diseases. And they even help to cure some diseases. You can tell in more detail what it is about, and are there any contraindications?

what are the benefits of tangerines Fragrant, sweet and juicy tangerines are associated with the smell of the New Year. However, these tropical fruits can and should be eaten not only in winter. The fact that tangerines help to strengthen the immune system has been known for a long time. But they also have many advantages. Knowing how useful tangerines are, you can not only pamper yourself with vitamins. These small orange fruits can help treat many diseases and prevent some of them. And perhaps this is due to the rich composition of nutrients in tangerines. What is contained inside the “New Year” fruits and how do they affect the human body??

Composition of mandarin – a pantry of vitamins and minerals

composition of tangerines The first thing to note is the presence of vitamin C in the tangerine pulp, the amount of which these fruits are equal to oranges. In addition, mandarins contain a lot of essential oils, fiber, flavonoids, organic acids. Of the trace elements, potassium (up to 166 mg per 100 g of product) and calcium (37 mg) are in the lead. In addition, there are iron, copper, magnesium and other useful substances in the fruits..

Mandarins, although sweet, contain only 38 calla lilies.

Why tangerines are useful?

benefits of tangerinesSmall fruits contain healing power that will help to cope with almost any disease.. Mandarins have a predominantly positive effect on the body, namely:

  • strengthen the immune system, help to cope with colds, coughs;
  • normalize pressure, blood circulation, digestion;
  • purify the blood;
  • remove parasites and worms;
  • calm the nervous system, stabilize sleep;
  • have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin;
  • promote rapid wound healing, relieve inflammation;
  • remove sand and stones from the kidneys and bladder;
  • help to lose weight.

When is it worth limiting the use of mandarin?

tangerines and harmDue to the characteristic color, it is better to refuse fragrant fruits if there is an allergic reaction, both in children and in adults. Tangerines can also harm if you have stomach problems: gastritis, ulcers, colitis. The increased content of vitamin C will exacerbate the disease.

With caution and in moderation, fruit should be eaten with diabetes mellitus. Excessive consumption will lead to a sharp rise in blood glucose levels. It is not recommended to eat fruits for kidney problems due to their diuretic properties..

The benefits and harms of tangerines – video

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