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Herbicide Galera – effective protection of rapeseed from harmful weeds

At what temperature is the Galera herbicide applied? I want to process rapeseed, on which there is a lot of boletus, but we will not get warm in any way, the maximum was + 8 ° С. Will the drug work at these values ​​or wait for more?

galley herbicide The tender young seedlings of rapeseed are so vulnerable to the powerful onslaught of sow thistle and other weeds. They develop faster and drown out cultivated crops, which leads to lower yields. Galera’s herbicide will help not only to destroy weeds at the initial stage of their development, but also to cope even with “overgrowths” and a heavily weedy field. He will completely cleanse it, while not harming the culture itself. And the protective action will last until harvest.

Herbicide Galera – composition and action of the drug

how does galley herbicide work The effectiveness of the herbicide is due to its composition, which includes two synthetic growth hormones – picloram and clopyralid. They enter the weeds through the leaves and the root system, replacing natural hormones. As a result, the growth process is disrupted, growth points are blocked, and their division stops. In just a couple of hours, the weeds begin to turn yellow and wither, and complete death occurs in 2-3 weeks..

The galley was created for post-emergence processing of rapeseed, corn, mustard and grain crops from dicotyledonous weeds. Moreover, it copes with both annuals and perennial dicotyledonous weeds with a powerful root system. The herbicide is used against chamomile, horseweed, dandelions, ragweed, sow thistle, thistle, bedstraw.

Instructions for the use of the herbicide

rapeseed treatment with galley herbicideThe drug is available in the form of an aqueous solution. It is diluted just before use. The treatment is carried out in the early phase of weed development, when they form a pair of true leaves. Spraying can be done right up to the beginning of rapeseed flowering. One treatment is enough per season. The optimum temperature for spraying is from 8 to 25 ° C heat.

The consumption rate depends on the type of weeds and the degree of weediness in the field:

  • annual plants – 200-300 l / ha;
  • perennials – 300 l / ha;
  • late phase of development of weeds or strong weediness – 350 l / ha.

Instead of Galera’s herbicide, you can use its analogues – preparations with the same active ingredients. These include Naraps, Galeas.

The galley can be used in tank mixes with other herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers. A compatibility test is preliminarily carried out. The drug has a third hazard class, but it cannot be used in areas near water bodies. With frequent use, it can cause resistance, therefore it is recommended to alternate with other herbicides.

Rapeseed treatment with Galera and Salsa herbicides

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