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How and when to use Shavit – fungicide for grapes

Can you please tell me if it is possible to use Shavit, a fungicide for grapes, when clusters have already formed on the vine? I noticed that many berries rot, and this rot spreads very quickly. Only the other day there were only a couple of affected bunches, and now three times more. Is it possible now to treat the vineyard with the drug, or have I already missed the deadline?

Shafit fungicide for grapes A good grape harvest depends not only on comfortable growing conditions and competent care. Often, even on the most fertile soil, in warm southern latitudes, growers lose their crops due to various diseases. Fighting fungi for destruction and prevention should be carried out regularly, and Shavit, a fungicide for grapes, will help in this. It is one of the most effective remedies for the protection and treatment of grapes. It not only completely destroys pathogens, but also contributes to the development of stable immunity. This reduces the frequency of treatments and protects the crop for a long time..

The composition and action of the fungicide

composition and action of shavit Shavita contains two active ingredients at once. The first, follet, blocks the division of pathogenic cells, and the second, triadimenol, destroys the membranes of already germinated spores. The fungicide is produced in the form of a powder, which is highly soluble in water. The packaging is very diverse, from 8 g to 5 kg. This is very convenient and allows you to use the drug both in private small vineyards and on large industrial farms..

The action of the drug is also double. The active substances destroy the fungi on the leaves upon contact. They also penetrate into plants and spread throughout all its tissues..

Some other drugs have a similar effect. For example, analogues of Shavit, which can be used instead, are fungicides Skor, Strobi, Delan, Topaz.

What diseases of grapes is the drug effective against?

when the fungicide shavit is appliedDue to its double action, the fungicide Shavit is used both for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. In relation to grapes, the drug is effective against:

  • anthracnose;
  • oidium;
  • gray rot;
  • mildew;
  • black spot.

How to use Shavit – fungicide for grapes

shavit instructions for useThe powder is diluted with water, strictly observing the proportion – 40 g of fungicide for 10 liters. The working solution is used immediately after preparation, the flow rate is from 80 to 100 ml per 1 sq. m. The first processing is carried out before the flowering of the grapes. If there are no signs of illness, this is sufficient. If a fungal infection is detected, re-spraying is carried out.

No more than three treatments can be carried out per season. At the same time, at least a month should pass from the last spraying to harvest..

Shavit can be used in tank mixtures with pesticides and fungicides, if no sediment precipitates during mixing. Exceptions are alkaline preparations and those containing mineral oils. It should also be borne in mind that the drug is toxic to bees and fish..

Video review of the fungicide Shavit for use on grapes


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