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How dangerous is the drug Dnok, treatment of plants, instructions, reviews

In what cases and when is the drug Dnok used, the treatment of plants, instructions, reviews about this tool are of particular interest. This year a young garden fell ill, the trees are only three years old, some have already begun to bear fruit. In the spring everything was fine, but somewhere in the middle of summer the leaves began to spin and turn black, and a lot of aphids still appeared. I tried all the fungicides that were at home, nothing helped. The store advised Dnok, they said that he saves from pests and diseases. But the neighbor, as he found out, says that the drug is very toxic, and it cannot be used in a private garden. This is true?

bottom plant processing instruction reviews Planting a garden is half the battle; it is much more important to keep it healthy in order to get a harvest. Fungi, rot, scab, aphids, mites and other harmful organisms in just a season can nullify all the efforts of gardeners and destroy the plantings. To cope with diseases and pests will help the drug Dnok, treatment of plants, instructions, reviews of which are very contradictory. On the one hand, the effectiveness of the fungicide has long been proven, because in just one treatment it removes the problem. But it is for this reason that it is highly toxic for living beings, including humans. Whether or not it can be used in private gardens?

Bottom – treatment of plants, instructions, reviews of the drug

insectofungicide bottom The active ingredient of the fungicide is dinitroorthocresol. At the same time, its concentration is quite high (40%), which explains the “murderous” effect. The drug is produced in the form of a yellow powder, which is diluted with water and used to spray plants. Within 2 days, fungi and pests die, while the protective effect lasts for three years.

Instructions for use

bottom instructionThe drug is a combined agent and has both fungicidal, insecticidal, pesticidal and acaricidal effects. In other words, it destroys the causative agents of diseases of fruit and berry crops and helps to rid them of:

  • scab;
  • anthracnose;
  • spots;
  • necrosis;
  • curliness;
  • oidium;
  • powdery mildew;
  • rot and other diseases.

In addition, the insecticide also destroys pests that remain hibernating under the bark of trees and shrubs. These are aphids, mites, moths, leafworms, scale insects, scale insects and others..

The bottom belongs to the second class of toxicity, and was originally created for use on an industrial scale. It is used mainly in orchards and berry fields, which are located outside of settlements. According to the instructions, the minimum distance to residential buildings should be at least 1 km..

At the same time, according to reviews, private gardens are also treated with Dnock, because in terms of the effectiveness of action and protection, little can be compared with it. Agree that it is better to spray the trees once every 3 years than every month during the season. You just need to follow all the precautions. And it is advisable to do this in the fall, when the harvest is harvested and nothing grows on the site..

When and how the drug can be used

features of using dnaThe plants are sprayed with the bottom, watering each branch well. For processing, a working solution is prepared, the concentration of which depends on the season:

  1. In the spring, use a stronger solution, diluting 400 g of the drug in a bucket of water. In this case, the soil under the plants must be protected by covering it with a film so that the solution does not get on it. Spraying is carried out before the start of sap flow, as soon as the positive temperature is established.
  2. In autumn, it is allowed to use no more than 1% solution (100 g per bucket of water). Processing is done in late autumn, after leaf fall, but before the onset of frost.

During the autumn processing with the bottom, the soil is not protected. On the contrary, they spill it well in order to destroy the pests remaining for the winter..

Features of processing plants with Dnock

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