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What crops will the fungicide Alto Super protect against diseases?

How many times per season do you need to treat beets and wheat from powdery mildew with such a preparation as the fungicide Alto Super? The crops have already been processed once, almost two weeks have passed. The effect is there, the development of the disease has stopped, I do not observe new lesions. Is this enough or is it possible to carry out a “control” spraying to precisely destroy the fungus?

fungicide alto super Alto Super fungicide occupies a special place in the market of drugs that are used to protect and treat cereals and beets from fungal diseases. It not only “works” for prophylaxis and creates long-term protection of plants from damage by pathogenic fungi, but also in a short time destroys them at the first signs of the disease. And most importantly, the fungicide is absolutely safe for the treated crops and, moreover, stimulates their active development..

Fungicide Alto Super – composition and action of the drug

composition of fungicide alto super The combined action of the fungicide is possible due to the fact that it contains as many as two active substances. First, propiconazole, inhibits fungi and has a toxic effect on their vegetative organs. At the same time, it simultaneously accelerates the metabolism of the crops themselves, which contributes to their active growth. The second component, cyproconazole, even in small doses, has a depressing effect on the biosynthesis of fungi.

The fungicide is produced in the form of a concentrated emulsion and has a low consumption rate. The drug is aimed at industrial use, which can significantly reduce the cost of processing crops.

Scope of action of the fungicide

the area of ​​action of the fungicide alto superAlto Super is used for spraying for the prevention and treatment of:

  • winter and spring barley;
  • wheat (spring and winter);
  • sugar beets;
  • winter rye;
  • oats;
  • winter triticale.

The fungicide has a wide spectrum of action, it prevents and cures:

  • rust of all kinds;
  • different types of spotting;
  • cladosporiosis;
  • alternaria;
  • fusarium;
  • cercosporosis;
  • septoria;
  • rhynchosporia;
  • cercosporellosis.

How to use Alto Super for the prevention and treatment of crops

alto super instructions for useCereals and beets are treated with fungicide during the growing season. For preventive purposes, one treatment is usually sufficient. In order to treat diseases, spraying is carried out at the first sign. The protective effect lasts at least 30 days, then the treatment is repeated.

Alto Super is resistant to washing off. The working solution quickly penetrates the plants through the leaves and rain, a couple of hours after treatment, can no longer wash off the fungicide. Another advantage of the drug is the possibility of aeronautical use..

Consumption rates depend on the cultivated crop. For cereals, 0.4-0.5 l / ha is enough, for beets – 0.75 l / ha.

Three important rules for fungicidal treatment of grain crops

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