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Is it possible to give parsley to rabbits – enriching the diet of eared pets

My husband and I decided to breed rabbits and bought a young couple. Children are also happy to participate, pick up grass and feed their pets. And I had such a question – is it possible to give parsley to rabbits? I forgot that I sowed it before the winter, and planted it again in the spring. Now I have a fragrant plantation, I don’t know what to do with it, except to feed our “hares” at least a little. I tried to give a couple of twigs, so they ate it, but I’m worried if there will be something for them.

is it possible to give parsley to rabbits The main diet of rabbits, especially in the warm season, is green mass and branches. At the same time, eared pets enjoy eating not only meadow grasses, but also garden crops. Novice rabbit breeders will be interested in whether it is possible to give parsley to rabbits. The concern is caused by the fact that this plant contains a lot of essential oils, which give that very pronounced characteristic aroma. Will rabbits like such a fragrant delicacy and will it harm them??

Is it possible to give parsley to rabbits and how is it useful?

why parsley is good for rabbits Parsley contains a whole collection of nutrients, ranging from oils and amino acids to a large amount of trace elements and fiber. This whole set will benefit not only people, but also animals, having a beneficial effect on their body. Adding parsley to the diet of rabbits is not only possible, but also necessary. However, it is correct and very tidy, and definitely not as a main meal..

What happens if animals periodically feast on a fragrant spice? You will only see a useful result:

  1. Rabbits will have better appetite and will gain weight faster. This is important when they are raised for meat..
  2. Thanks to the fiber in parsley, the digestive system of animals will work more productively..
  3. Rabbits will be less likely to get sick, as parsley will help prevent fungi, inflammation and swelling..
  4. The spice will help remove excess salts from the body, improve well-being and prevent urinary problems..
  5. Lactating rabbits will have better lactation.

You can include parsley in the menu of animals, regardless of their breed. Both meat and fur, and even decorative rabbits will be happy with the spice and will benefit from it..

How to feed rabbits with parsley

how to give parsley to rabbitsAs already noted, fragrant twigs can only be an additive, not the basis of the diet. This is due, again, to the high content of essential oils. From their excess, animals are overexcited, and digestive problems also arise. It is enough to give a couple of twigs a day, separately or by mixing them with other herbs.

It is recommended to introduce parsley into the diet of rabbits no earlier than they are 6 months old..

In addition, as in the case of herbs, freshly picked spices should not be fed immediately to avoid stomach problems. She should lie down and wither. But dried parsley can be added to hay in winter, and the seeds of the plant can be mixed with grain. This will provide rabbits with essential vitamins even in cold weather when green food is not available..

Rabbits and parsley – is it possible to give and how

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