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Fertilizers for conifers or how to feed evergreens?

Several years ago, I planted a juniper and a spruce in my summer cottage, but I just can’t understand why they grow poorly with me. I water it regularly, and our winters are not very cold. Maybe they don’t have enough food? I use manure in the garden, but I don’t know if it is suitable for my pets. Tell me what fertilizers can be used for conifers?conifers in the country Conifers and shrubs are quite unpretentious in their care and do not require special nutrition. Evergreens do not have the ability to shed leaves, so they do not need additional fertilizing to recover. However, a small supply of nutrients will still come in handy, because the annual growth in conifers is not very active..

The most effective for fertilizing conifers are special mineral complex preparations containing magnesium, potassium, phosphorus.

Shop fertilizers

Of the ready-made preparations for feeding conifers, the following are popular:

  1. Coniferous fertilizer of the Fertika Lux brand for spring and summer dressings. In the spring, add the appropriate preparation to the soil in its pure form, and in the summer use the second type of fertilizer for root dressing with a solution (1 tbsp. L. Per 20 l of water).fertika coniferous
  2. Coniferous aquarine (activates growth, prevents color loss). Use for root dressing: dissolve 20 g of the preparation in a bucket of water. Fertilize 3-5 times during the season.aquarine
  3. Green needle (for the prevention and treatment of brown needles as a result of magnesium deficiency). Scatter around the plants, embed in soil and water. Apply 2 times during the season, in spring and summer. The application rate is from 50 to 250 g, depending on the height of the conifers.green needle
  4. Agrecol “100 days for conifers”. Prolonged fertilization, 1-2 applications per season are enough. It can be used for planting (from 10 to 50 g, depending on the type of plants) and as an additional top dressing in the amount of 50 g – for shrubs and 60 g – for each meter of coniferous trees. Spread the granules around the plantings and water the soil.aggrecol 100 days

Organics for conifers – is it possible or not?

Unlike garden crops, which respond well to the introduction of manure, representatives of the coniferous group do not really like it. Manure contains a large amount of nitrogen, which will provoke the active formation of shoots. Most of them will simply not have time to ripen by the time of winter and will die, and the rest may turn yellow from excess nitrogen, which will lead to a loss of decorativeness..

The exception is rotted compost, it is a bit like natural forest soil. In the spring, after loosening the near-stem circles, they need to sprinkle the soil around the coniferous plantations.

Fertilizers for conifers – video

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