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Fertilizing garden flowers in spring and summer

Tell me, what is the use of fertilizers for garden flowers in spring and summer? How often it is necessary to feed the plants and what drugs can be used?

Outdoor garden plants need regular feeding. Over time, the supply of nutrients in the soil is depleted, and the flowers begin to “starve”, which negatively affects their appearance. Timely application of fertilizers will not only provide them with the necessary trace elements for active development, but will also help to adapt faster after the winter period..

Top dressing of garden flowers must be carried out with the onset of spring, as well as maintain the plants during the summer period. The frequency of fertilization depends on which species the crops belong to (annuals or perennials).

Preparations in granular form are used for spring top dressing by the method of direct embedding into the soil. For the summer period, liquid forms used for root and foliar feeding are more suitable..

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Features of fertilizing annual garden flowers

feeding annuals

Plants that are planted for one season, it is enough to feed only 2 times:

  • in spring (2 weeks after planting);
  • in late spring – early summer (when buds are being laid).

You should not fertilize flowers that have just been planted in a flower bed – you need to give them time to adapt. In addition, fertilizing must be applied to completely healthy plants..

During the first feeding, it is necessary to provide the plantings with nitrogen using organic fertilizers. During the growing season, flowers need phosphorus fertilizers..

Features of the use of fertilizers for perennials

watering roses

Perennial garden flowers and shrubs need to be fed at least 3 times:

  • the first top dressing – in early spring, when the earth dries up slightly (nitrogen fertilizers);
  • the second feeding – during the period of bud formation, May-June (phosphorus preparations);
  • the third feeding – after the end of flowering, August (potash fertilizers for laying buds for the next season).

It is impossible to fertilize garden flowers in early spring, when there is still snow on the flower bed, and during dormancy.

Nitrogen fertilizers for garden flowers


Nitrogen fertilizers have proven themselves well:

  1. Manure-based infusion.
  2. Wood ash mortar.
  3. Ammonium nitrate.
  4. Urea.

Phosphate fertilizers for garden flowers


For feeding during the flowering period, you can use both single-component phosphorus preparations, and complex ones:

  1. Superphosphate.
  2. Stimulator Energen.
  3. Agricola for flowering plants.
  4. Agricola for ornamental plants.
  5. Preparation Bud (for spraying).

Potash fertilizers for garden flowers

potassium sulfate

To replenish potassium reserves, which ensures the laying of flower buds for the next year and prepares the plants for a good winter, use:

  1. Potassium chloride.
  2. Potassium sulphate.
  3. Potassium nitrate.
  4. Kalimagnesia.

When and what to feed garden flowers – video

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