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Humic fertilizers: is there any harm to humans?

I have long wanted to try humic fertilizers on potatoes, but I am a little confused by their possible negative effect. Tell me if there is harm to humans when using humic fertilizers?

Every gardener knows that in order to get a good harvest from year to year, plants need nutritious soil. Humic fertilizers, natural, biologically active preparations, help to quickly restore the balance of trace elements in humus and get a high-quality harvest. As a result of their use, the activity of microelements increases and they acquire a form that is easily digestible for plants..

One of the important questions of interest to gardeners is the result of the action of such drugs, or rather, do humic fertilizers harm a person? To answer it, you should familiarize yourself a little with the characteristics and properties of humates..

What is humic fertilizers?

humic fertilizers

Humic fertilizers are organic preparations, for the production of which natural substances are taken as a basis, for example, peat, brown coal, silt deposits, sapropel. Such fertilizers have a scheme of application similar to organic matter – they are used as the main fertilizer or in combination with mineral preparations. To replenish the composition with useful substances and enhance the effect of drugs, nutrients (phosphorus, potassium, etc.) can also be added to them. In this case, it will already be organic fertilizers..

Humates are released in the form:

  • thick solution;
  • in granules;
  • in the form of a soft paste.

Properties of humates

humimax potatoes

We can say that the main function of humic fertilizers is to promote the rapid transition of humic (nutrient) substances into the most accessible form for plants..

As a result of the introduction of humic fertilizers into the soil:

  • improves the structure of the soil, its water and air permeability;
  • there is an activation of the activity of organisms in the soil;
  • seed germination increases;
  • cuttings take root faster;
  • seedlings form a strong root system;
  • metabolic processes improve in cultures, and they grow more actively;
  • the quality and quantity of the crop improves.

Humates act especially well on plants after stress: they help them survive adverse weather and other conditions and recover faster.

humate baikal

Humic fertilizers are most active on poor, soddy-ash soils.

Since humic fertilizers are absolutely environmentally friendly, they do not represent any harm to humans. On the contrary, they help to reduce the amount of nitrates in the crop, which speaks of the great benefits of using. The main thing is to follow the instructions during robots with humates in order to prevent overdose..

Humic fertilizers: what they are used for – video

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