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Universal fertilizer from grass with water: preparation and application of infusion

Tell me how to prepare and apply fertilizer from grass with water in a barrel? I heard that such feeding is very useful for garden crops.

grass in a barrel Liquid fertilizers from weeds become a real lifesaver for gardeners. They do not require absolutely any financial investment, because there is always enough grass on the site, and the beneficial properties of such dressings have been known for a long time. The green mass ferments well under the influence of sunlight and the result is a natural organic fertilizer from grass with water in a barrel, which is quickly absorbed by plants and replenishes nitrogen reserves.

Preparation of herbal fertilizer

ready-made infusion

Grass fertilizer is best prepared in a large barrel (200 l), especially if the planting area is rather large. However, for feeding several beds of tomatoes, a couple of buckets are quite enough.

The infusion is recommended to be done in a plastic container. If this is not possible, the iron barrel can be covered with thick film..

Any plant residues are suitable for the preparation of liquid fertilizer: grass mown on the lawn, weeds weeded out on the beds, or harvested tops. They must first be crushed a little (so that they decompose faster) and put in a container. If there is enough “raw material”, fill the barrel completely, or half. Then pour water so that it completely covers the grass and a little more on top. Be sure to cover and leave in a sunny place to ferment.

Fertilizer preparation time depends on the amount of ingredients and the weather. The more grass and less sun, the longer it will take to decompose. On average, the infusion ripens for about a week, and even less in the hot summer period..

To speed up the fermentation process, it is recommended to add a little nitrogen fertilizer: no more than 3 liters of toilet waste or 1 tbsp. l. urea (for a large barrel with a capacity of 200 l).

The finished fertilizer will emit a characteristic odor, many bubbles (carbon dioxide) will appear on the surface, and the liquid itself will acquire the color of slurry. When using it, it is advisable to leave several buckets of infusion at the bottom of the barrel as a starter for the next batch of fertilizer..

Using grass fertilizer


The infusion obtained as a result of fermentation has a high concentration, so it will need to be diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. The working solution can be used:

  • for autumn watering of the garden in order to prepare the soil for the next season;
  • for feeding garden plants during the growing season when they need nitrogen.

It is recommended to fertilize garden trees and shrubs with liquid herbal fertilizer only in late autumn, since they do not need nitrogen in summer..

Preparation of liquid fertilizer from grass, video

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