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Fertilizer Ammofosk – application features for growing potatoes

We always plant large quantities of potatoes on the site, but there is not always enough organic matter to fertilize all plantings. After small calculations, I concluded that it is more economical to use mineral fertilizers. A neighbor has long recommended trying Ammofoska. Tell me how to use Ammofoska correctly and in what quantity for fertilizing potatoes?

ammophoska Among the complex mineral fertilizers, ammofoska is very popular among gardeners. This is due to the fact that it contains many nutrients necessary for the development of crops. A small amount of the drug can be used to fertilize the entire garden, while the plants will receive a full range of trace elements, which is very beneficial from the financial point of view. That is why ammophoska is often used to fertilize potatoes, which occupy most of the garden..

Composition of the preparation


The main constituent elements of ammophos are:

  • potassium (15%);
  • phosphorus (15%);
  • sulfur (14%);
  • nitrogen (12%).

All four trace elements play an important role in the growth and formation of root crops and are the key to a plentiful and high-quality potato harvest..

Features of the use of fertilizer for potatoes

planting potatoes

For the purpose of the main fertilization of potatoes, ammofoska is recommended to be applied at the planting stage. To do this, pour 1 tbsp into each hole. l. drug. For a plot of 1 hectare, no more than 2.5 kg of ammophos will be required.

If necessary, you can carry out additional feeding in the middle of summer, using 20-30 g of the drug per 1 sq. m.

The autumn use of fertilizer is not practiced, since it promotes the growth of green mass, which is completely unnecessary before harvesting..

Drug action

As a result of feeding potatoes with ammophos:

  • the composition of the soil improves, which has a positive effect on the growth of culture, activating it;
  • the yield of potatoes increases (more tubers are tied);
  • the taste of the crop is improved;
  • the shelf life of root crops is extended;
  • increases immunity against various diseases.

Of the advantages of ammophoska, it is worth highlighting the fact that, compared to organic fertilizers, it acts on plants faster, which means that the result of applying top dressing will be visible much earlier..

The drug can be used on any type of soil, as well as on saline soils. Ammophoska does not contain sodium and chlorine, in addition, it is absolutely harmless to plants, animals and humans.

Fertilizing potatoes or what else to feed the crop, video

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