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Summer charm on your window – indoor cineraria, growing from seeds, photo

Is there indoor cineraria, growing from seeds (photo of seedlings, if possible) of this flower is difficult? I have been planting it for two years now, but in the garden, and I would very much like to admire these charming inflorescences not only in summer. Are there any varieties of cineraria that would grow as a potted plant in the house? What are they called and when can you sow seeds?

cineraria indoor cultivation from seeds photo A member of the Aster family, cineraria is a perennial by nature, but in our climate it grows as an annual crop and mainly in the garden. However, many of its varieties feel quite comfortable indoors, especially since there are many compact bushes. Indoor cineraria, growing from seeds (photo will be further) of which is the only way to get it, blooms regardless of the season. This is not determined by the season, but only by the planting dates, so that you can see a flowering bush even in winter. And given the unpretentious nature of the plant and the fact that it blooms for a whole month, it is worth trying to plant cineraria. She will decorate your house, and can serve as a wonderful gift for any occasion.

What types of cineraria can be grown as indoor

In total, there are more than 50 varieties of cineraria. Most of them prefer fresh air and open ground, but some can grow in pots in the house..

They feel good as a houseplant and such cineraria still bloom profusely and for a long time:

  • bloody with a whole palette of varietal colors, which contains almost all the colors of the rainbow;bloody cineraria
  • Venice, characterized by its fast growth and small size;cineraria venice
  • seaside with unusual silvery leaves.seaside cineraria

Seaside cineraria is perhaps the only species that is grown not for flowering, but for foliage. Indoors, it hardly blooms at all. But the original feathery leaves with a fabulous white and silver color are very decorative.

Indoor cineraria – growing from seeds, photo

seedlings of cinerariaThe flower is propagated indoors only by the seed method. You can buy seeds at any flower shop. Their germination is excellent and even without any preparation in the form of soaking or growth stimulants, they germinate well. From sowing to emergence, usually no more than 2 weeks pass.

A universal substrate is suitable for planting. Fill small trays with them. Spray and sow seeds directly over the surface. From above, rub them a little with fine sand. Cover with plastic wrap and place in a warm and bright place. Moisten the soil and ventilate the greenhouse periodically.seedlings of cineraria

Flowering will come 6 months after sowing the seeds. Depending on the growing conditions, this period may increase by another 2-3 months..

When shoots appear, remove the cover and thin them out if necessary. Now the seedlings need even more light. And when the plants form a couple of true leaves, dive the seedlings into separate containers. And keep it cool (no higher than 18 ° C heat) so that it doesn’t stretch out.

Sowing seeds of cineraria room

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