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What type of honey is the most useful and how to choose it

Tell me what kind of honey is the most useful? In our family, everyone loves and eats this product, especially with pancakes. It is no less popular in the winter “cold” season – there hasn’t been a single year so that someone doesn’t get sick. We try not to start the disease and supplement the treatment with folk remedies. Honey helps grandchildren if they have a sore throat. We usually buy lime honey, but maybe there is a healthier one.?

what kind of honey is the most useful Honey is not only a natural sweet treat, but also an extremely valuable product from a medicinal point of view. Why buy expensive drugs if you can strengthen your immune system by regularly consuming delicious honey? In addition, it can not only increase resistance to diseases, but also help get rid of many of them. So, honey has long been famous for its medicinal properties. It has been and is being used to heal wounds and relieve various inflammations, both internal and external. There are many types of honey, depending on which plants the nectar is collected on by the bees. What type of honey is the most useful is almost impossible to answer, each of them is good in its own way. One will do more good for the stomach, the other – for the heart. However, in general, beekeepers and are committed to traditional medicine distinguish several types, the most medicinal and popular in use..

What type of honey is the most useful – a list and features

The beneficial properties of honey largely depend on the nectar of which plants were collected by the bees..

On the basis of this, such types of it are distinguished, which have high medicinal properties:

  1. Linden honey is yellowish when freshly harvested, whitens after sugaring. Has a slightly pungent taste and slightly stings the tongue. Most effective for the treatment of wounds, colds, heart and gastrointestinal diseases.linden honey
  2. Acacia honey is slightly yellow, flowing, does not crystallize for a long time, but becomes white with prolonged storage. It has a pleasant floral aroma and delicate taste. Good for the nervous system, treats skin and stomach diseases. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver and kidneys. However, the most important advantage of such honey is that it does not cause allergies..acacia honey
  3. Buckwheat honey is brown in color, with a tart taste, and quickly loses its transparency. Differs in high bactericidal properties. Helps with anemia and stomach problems.buckwheat honey
  4. Sunflower honey is one of the rare varieties collected only in warm southern regions. A thick yellow mass crystallizes quickly. It is used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract.sunflower honey
  5. Melilot honey – fragrant, almost transparent, indispensable for cores.melilot honey
  6. Chestnut honey – yellow-brown, slightly bitter, heals skin diseases and various inflammations.chestnut honey

The greatest value, including from the financial side, is May honey – the one that is pumped out for the first time. And if it is also monofloral (from one type of plant) – the cost and medicinal properties of such honey only increase.

How to choose the “right” honey

how to choose honeyUnfortunately, unscrupulous sellers often strive to dilute honey and sell a fake under the guise of an expensive product. To purchase a real beekeeping product, you should carefully choose it. The fact that you have real, high-quality honey in front of you will be confirmed by the following signs:

  • thick honey, smoothly flows from the spoon, forming a slide;
  • he does not foam.

how to recognize a fake honeyTo make sure that nothing has been mixed into the honey, you can drip a little vinegar into the spoon. The natural product will remain unchanged. If chalk dust is added to it, the honey will hiss.

Types of honey, for what diseases they help – video

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