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What kind of soil do peppers and eggplants like?

We bought a small plot, we want to grow vegetables for ourselves and a little – for sale. However, there are doubts about the soil, because it is sandy. Tell me what kind of land peppers and eggplants love, is it possible to grow them on sandy soil?

Peppers and eggplants are permanent residents of summer cottages, which are grown from year to year. With the onset of the hot season of conservation, they are simply irreplaceable for every housewife. Therefore, the happy owners of land plots try to plant them and get the harvest on their own. Such attempts do not always end with success, in the sense of an abundant, high-quality harvest of vegetables..

eggplant pepper

This is due to the fact that peppers and eggplants (especially the latter) are quite capricious. One of their main requirements is a competent approach to the selection and preparation of the soil. What kind of land do peppers and eggplants like? In order for the plants to grow well, develop and please with large fruits, the soil must be light and nutritious. This applies both to the stage of growing seedlings, and directly to the crops themselves in the beds..

Preparing a substrate for growing seedlings

store substrate

The growing period for pepper and eggplant is approximately three months. The best option for getting an early harvest is sowing seeds for seedlings in early February..

Seeds for seedlings can be sown in already enriched soil purchased from the store. Or prepare the substrate by mixing it yourself to choose from:

  • sod land and humus in a ratio of 1: 2;
  • humus, peat and sawdust in a ratio of 2: 2: 1;
  • in equal parts humus and peat.

prepared substrate

For each bucket of the resulting substrate, add one tablespoon of superphosphate and 2 tablespoons of ash.

Preparing the soil in the beds

pepper in the garden

Not every gardener can boast of loose and fertile soil in his garden. However, due to the presence of a wide range of fertilizers, it is possible to improve the composition of the soil..

Preparation of beds for peppers and eggplants begins with the autumn digging. Secondary digging is done in the spring with the simultaneous addition of organic matter and mineral fertilizers.

eggplant in the garden

To improve the composition of the soil, fertilizers are applied depending on the structure of the soil:

  1. Loamy (clay) earth. Add manure, sand, sawdust and peat in a ratio of 1: 1: 0.5: 2.
  2. Peat land. Scattered over the beds in equal amounts of humus, sod soil and sand.
  3. Sandy land. They bring in one and a half buckets of clay soil, half a bucket of sawdust, one bucket of humus and peat each.

Fresh manure is not used to fertilize the soil so as not to burn the seedlings.

In addition, wood ash is scattered on the beds before digging. From mineral fertilizers, potassium sulfate and superphosphate are added (a tablespoon per square meter), as well as urea (1 tsp.).

Land for seedlings of peppers, eggplant and tomatoes – video

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