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How to peel celery leaf, petiole, root

Tell us how to peel celery and should you do it at all? I really like to add grated root to vegetable salads. The other day, a neighbor came to visit, I was just preparing a salad. So she says that the skin does not need to be cut, it contains “the most vitamins.” Wash well enough. Is it true?

how to peel celery Not everyone likes the specific smell of celery, but you should not exclude it from your diet. This root vegetable is a real storehouse of vitamins, and nutritionists consider its juice to be especially useful. However, other parts of the plant will come in handy in the kitchen. The leaves can be used for preservation or in salads. And fragrant rounded root vegetables will add piquant astringency to salads and richness to broth. If you decide to try this vegetable, it doesn’t hurt to know some of the nuances of how to peel celery, because it comes in different types. Depending on this, the preparation of the vegetable for use is also different..

So, according to which part of the plant is intended for use as food, there are three types of celery:

  • sheet;
  • petiolate;
  • root.

Now let’s look at the features of cleaning each type..

Plucked, washed, eaten – minimal preparation of leafy celery

leafy celery The easiest and fastest way to peel leafy varieties. Here it is enough just to rinse the foliage well and let it dry. The only thing that may be needed is to select yellowed and limp leaves, if any. However, when buying freshly cut celery, there will be no such problems..

Do I need to peel stalked celery?

cleaning the stemsSome housewives, having tried juicy thick stalks for the first time, refuse them. They call the reason for this excessive fiber and stiffness of the stems. In fact, this is really possible, but for a completely different reason – if you come across old petioles. It is they who are covered with coarse fibers on top, which must be cut off with a knife. On the other hand, the inner fibers remain moderately tough and hardly felt, while maintaining the characteristic structure of celery..

But young petioles can be consumed without additional cleaning, simply by washing them.

How to peel celery root?

root crop cleaningThe roots of this celery are somewhat reminiscent of beets, only of a whitish color and with an uneven surface covered with tubercles. They can be impressive in size. When buying, it is better to choose those fruits whose skin is smoother – it will be easier to peel them, and there will be less waste of valuable aromatic pulp.

Root celery should be peeled in any case, young or old, small or large. Firstly, it is the peel that absorbs nitrates, and secondly, the spongy top of the fruit does not taste good and needs to be cut off and discarded..

Before cleaning, the roots should be washed, then cut off the lower and upper parts. All growths and depressions are also cut out, and the fruit itself is peeled like a potato. If it is too large and will not be completely used right away, you can cut off and clean half. The second part of the celery is placed in a bag and kept in the refrigerator. By the way, celery can lie there for a very long time – it practically does not deteriorate and remains firm. The only thing is that the cut site darkens, and in the future it will need to be thinly trimmed.

Video on how to quickly peel celery root

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