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How to plant store-bought roses in spring?

At the dacha, two rose bushes were inherited from the previous owners. I want to break a small rose garden around them, I have already decided on the varieties, but I just have no experience. Tell me how to plant store-bought roses in spring?

According to the observations of experienced flower growers, roses planted in autumn take root worse and get sick more, moreover, they simply may not have time to take root before frost. Therefore, young bushes, especially those obtained by cuttings, are recommended to be planted in early spring, starting from the end of April. Then the soil is warmed up enough, and the seedlings have not yet started to grow..

In order for unsightly young seedlings to take root and eventually turn into gorgeous bushes, you need to know how to plant roses bought in a store in the spring. To do this, you should:

  • choose high-quality rose seedlings;
  • decide on a suitable landing site;
  • prepare a landing pit;
  • plant a seedling correctly.

Selection of rose seedlings


Southern varieties of roses are suitable for growing in a greenhouse, but if you plan to plant bushes in open ground, it is better to buy seedlings from Russian producers or, in extreme cases, Dutch.

A high-quality pink seedling must be grafted, have a well-developed root system and at least two healthy, strong shoots.

Typically, seedlings are sold either in closed containers or with open roots. For spring planting, both types are suitable, the main thing is that the bushes are healthy and without pests.

Where is the best place to plant roses?

seedling in a bucket

The queen of flowers loves the sun, however, under the scorching rays, it loses its color and quickly fades. But even in deep shade, the rose will grow very slowly, so the best option is to plant seedlings on the side of the site, which shades a little after lunch.

Places with high humidity and drafts should be avoided, and roses should not be planted under trees, where the soil dries out for a long time after precipitation..

Preparing the soil and planting pit

landing pit

Before planting seedlings, the area chosen for them is dug up. For each seedling, a planting pit is made, into which they bring in:

  • 1 kg of compost;
  • 1 tbsp. l. mineral fertilizers for flowers;
  • 30 g wood ash.

All fertilizers are thoroughly mixed in the pit along with the ground. The size of the planting pits depends on the size of the seedling itself, or rather, its root system. The roots should lie freely, not rest against the sides of the pit and not bend. So that they have room to grow, the pit should be made at least 60 cm deep.Up to 80 cm is left between the bushes, and the row spacing is kept about 1.5 m when planting in rows.

It is advisable to prepare the planting holes two weeks before planting so that the earth has time to settle..

Planting rose seedlings

planting roses

Before planting, the tips of the roots are cut off from the seedlings, and the shoots themselves are shortened, leaving only 3 eyes. A young bush is placed in the center of the planting pit, the roots are straightened and sprinkled with soil.

The planted seedlings are well watered. After the water has been absorbed and the earth has settled, the soil around the bush is slightly trampled. For the first time, until the seedling begins to grow, it is huddled. The height of the earthen mound is approximately 15 cm.When the rose sprouts new shoots, the mound can be leveled.

Features of spring planting of roses bought in a box – video

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