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Methods for combating diseases and pests of petunias

Several times I tried to breed petunias on the loggias, but they constantly died for various reasons. Please write about diseases and pests of petunia and the fight against them. I’d like to arrange a luxurious flower garden.

In general, petunia is a fairly strong, tenacious and unpretentious plant. But it was brought from South America, so when breeding in our country, and even in pots, various difficulties may arise. It is impossible to write about all the diseases and pests of petunias and the fight against them – they are quite numerous. But knowing about the most common cases will be useful to every florist..

Diseases affecting petunia

Perhaps the black leg is the most common disease that can destroy petunia even with an experienced florist..Petunia with a black leg

With it, the aerial part of the sprout turns black, begins to rot and the plant dies. It is almost impossible to cure the plant. But you can prevent the onset and development of the disease. To do this, try to follow the following rules:

  1. Don’t sow seeds too thick.
  2. Monitor the temperature (heating above +20 degrees Celsius is undesirable).
  3. Do not use highly acidic soil. Optimal pH – 5.5-7.

Another common disease is gray rot..Gray rot

It is very easy to identify it – the leaves are covered with gray spots, which dry out quickly. Over time, a gray coating appears on the leaves..

To prevent this from happening, try so that the petunia does not stay for a long time at temperatures below + 12 … + 15 degrees and get enough light. It can also cause excess nitrogen in the soil. Plants can be cured using the preparations Integral, Maxim and Skor.

Petunia pests

The most common pest that appears on petunias at home is the spider mite. It is not difficult to notice it – a thin web appears on the leaves, which becomes more and more dense. If you don’t take action, the leaves will dry out and the plant will die..Spider mite

For treatment, you can use the Acaricide Demitan or Apollo. Dandelion or garlic infusion also works well..

They can destroy petunias and thrips – tiny insects that eat plants. You can only notice them with close inspection – if the leaves begin to dry and deform, be sure to inspect the plant by turning the lower part of the leaf towards the top..Petunia thrips

You can get rid of pests using the insecticide Confidor or Aktara.

In the video, the issue of diseases and pests of petunia is considered in more detail:

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