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What kind of pot is needed for dracaena?

Recently, I began to notice that my dracaena has stopped growing, and the roots are visible from the drainage holes. A friend advised to transplant her into a more spacious container. Tell me what kind of pot you need for dracaena?

Dracaena is a typical representative of the palm genus. For normal development, the plant needs space, so it is important for flower growers to know which pot is needed for dracaena. After all, improperly selected dishes can affect the growth rate and general condition of the dracaena, as well as lead to its death..

When choosing a pot, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • the material from which the flowerpot is made;
  • the size and shape of the dishes.

In addition, when buying a pot, you should take into account the age of the flower itself – a young and an adult plant need a separate approach when choosing a container for planting..

The choice of material from which the flowerpot is made

Some growers are sure that dracaena must be planted in a clay pot. In fact, you can use both ceramics with clay and plastic, the main thing is to take into account the basic requirements that the flowerpot must meet:

  1. Clay or ceramic pot. More suitable for young flowers, since it is more resistant than plastic. At the bottom of the flowerpot there should be drainage holes – one large or several smaller ones, so that excess moisture passes through them well and does not stagnate.clay pot
  2. Plastic pot. It must be made of durable material so that it does not sag to the sides and the bottom does not fall out. Drainage holes are required.plastic pot

Choosing the size and shape of the dishes

A feature of the dracaena root system is that it consists of a main stem that grows downward, but the branch roots take up little space. For this reason, the plant needs a tall, but not wide, pot, where there will be enough free space at the bottom of it..

When planting a flower, the roots should not bend, but lie freely in the dish.

For a young dracaena up to 40 cm high, a flowerpot is enough, the width of which is 15 cm. If you use large dishes, the plant will not be able to quickly fill the entire space with roots and will hurt. In a cramped pot, the dracaena will simply stop growing, and the leaves will begin to dry out..

Choosing a pot for young and adult plants


At different stages of development, the dracaena tree needs a different container for growing. So, for a young sprout that has just rooted, you should choose a narrow pot no higher than 15 cm.Since the fragile root system is still rather weak to keep the flower in an upright position, the flowerpot must be stable.

With the further transplant of the grown dracaena, you need to choose a new pot, which is 5 cm higher than the previous one and wider by 2.5 cm.

Dracaena transplant – video

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