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How to grow physalis seedlings at home?

A friend treated me to physalis jam, which grows in her country house, and gave some seeds. I really liked its unusual taste, I decided to breed it for myself. Tell me how to grow physalis seedlings at home?

Physalis is a member of the nightshade family and comes in both decorative and edible varieties. Due to its good frost resistance and unpretentious care, the plant has gained popularity among gardeners. So, decorative varieties serve as an excellent decoration for flower beds, and delicious jam is prepared from edible species, and fruits are pickled and dried for medicinal purposes..

adult seedlings

Both types of physalis at home are most often grown in seedlings. To get high-quality seedlings, you should competently approach the following questions:

  1. Choosing a suitable soil for sowing seeds.
  2. Seed preparation followed by sowing.
  3. Shoot picking.
  4. Seedling care.

Soil selection and preparation

To grow physalis seedlings, use soil that is suitable for tomatoes and peppers. Ready-made substrate can be bought in flower shops, or you can make it yourself by mixing:

  • peat – 2 parts;
  • garden soil and compost – 1 part each;
  • sand – 0.5 parts;
  • 2 tbsp. l. ash for every 5 kg of substrate.

With increased acidity of peat, add wood ash.

Seed preparation and sowing

sowing seeds

Seeds for seedlings are sown at the end of March – in the middle of April. Before sowing, they should be pretreated in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes. To improve germination, the grains are placed overnight in a solution based on a growth stimulator (for example, 2 drops of Epin per 100 ml of water).

Fill the container with the prepared substrate, tamp it slightly and lay out the seeds, keeping the same distance between them. Sprinkle with soil on top (no thicker than 1 cm), lightly press down on the soil and water. To create greenhouse conditions, cover the container with foil and place it on a well-lit windowsill..

After the shoots appear, remove the shelter. The most suitable temperature for growing seedlings is not less than 15, but not more than 20 degrees Celsius. The soil should be watered regularly, avoiding complete drying out..

Transplanting seedlings


After 3 true leaves are formed on the seedlings, they must be dived from the general container into separate cups. The soil is prepared the same as for the seeds, but half the amount of sand is added. To make the seedlings easier to transfer the transplant and take root well, mineral fertilizers are applied at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. for 5 kg of substrate.

Physalis seedling care


Cups with seedlings are placed on the sunny side in a room with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Water regularly to maintain soil moisture. A couple of weeks after transplanting, the seedlings can be fed with the Solution. Re-feeding is done after 2 weeks..

Before planting seedlings in a permanent place, they should be hardened. To do this, they are taken outside for a couple of hours every day. They are planted only after the night frosts have ended. By this time, the seedlings are approximately 30 days old..

Physalis seedlings dive – video

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