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How to plant petunia seedlings in peat tablets?

I have been growing petunia seedlings myself not very long ago. Of the seeds sown this spring in the common tray, only half survived the transplant. A neighbor advised me to use peat tablets for seedlings. Tell me how to plant petunia seedlings in peat tablets?

Peat tablets are ideal for growing seedlings from very small seeds. Planting petunias for seedlings in peat tablets will not only facilitate the sowing process itself, but will also create the most optimal conditions for the full development of seedlings. In addition, losses regarding seed germination in this case will significantly decrease..

seedling petunia

Preparation of peat tablets for sowing seeds

Petunia seeds are sown in March. You can make an earlier planting, but in this case, the seedlings will have to be additionally highlighted. When creating the right conditions for caring for seedlings, petunia will be ready for transplantation to a permanent place in three months..

preparation of tablets

For seedlings of petunias, tablets with a diameter of 4 cm are enough, which must first be soaked. To do this, gradually add water to the bottom of the tray in which the tablets are laid until they absorb it. As a result of soaking, the tablets will swell, increase in size and become like a cylinder..

If the tablets are swollen and there is still water in the tray, it must be drained.

Sowing petunia

petunia seeds are simple and dragee

After soaking, a small hole forms in the upper part of the peat cylinder. You need to put there one petunia seed in each tablet. It will be more convenient to take small seeds with a wet toothpick (they just stick to it lightly).

laying out seeds

Petunia seeds are simply laid out in the hole, without pressing against the peat and without falling asleep on top.

The pelleted seeds will sprout faster if they are also soaked to soften the shell. To do this, lightly spray the seeds laid out in tablets from a spray bottle, or even better – drip water onto each seed. After a few minutes, use a toothpick to lightly press on the dragee so that it smears.

Growing seedlings

greenhouse creation

The tray of peat tablets in which the petunia seeds have been planted should be covered with a lid to create a greenhouse environment. In order to get petunia shoots in a week, the container with the tablets must be put in place with a constant temperature of at least 25 degrees Celsius. After the seeds sprout, the tray is transferred to a cooler place (18-20 ° C).

petunia shoots in tablets

Water the tablets regularly, preventing them from drying out completely, otherwise the seedlings will simply die. In this case, watering is carried out not from above, but into the tray where they stand. Drain excess water remaining in the pan.

When caring for petunia seedlings, do not forget that high humidity also kills it, so the tray with tablets should be regularly ventilated and the condensation formed in it should be removed. But the seedlings do not need additional feeding – peat tablets have all the nutrients it needs.

Features of transplanting seedlings from peat tablets into a pot


Petunia seedlings will be ready to be transplanted into individual pots as soon as the root system fills the entire tablet and individual roots are visible through the sheath mesh (around May).

When transplanting, you do not need to dive the seedlings, instead, it is enough to carefully remove the mesh and you can plant the seedlings along with the pill.

Pour fertile soil into the prepared pot at the bottom, put a tablet with a seedling on top and pour the earth into the voids. A young petunia bush should be at the same level with the soil, it is not necessary to bury it.

Video on how to properly plant petunia in peat tablets

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