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Planting time for tomato seedlings for the greenhouse

We bought a summer cottage in the fall, leaving a greenhouse there from the old owners. Her husband renovated her a little and plans to grow tomatoes himself. Tell me what is the best time for planting tomato seedlings for a greenhouse?

The fruiting period of a tomato lasts on average no more than three months. Therefore, many gardeners prefer to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. This allows not only to increase the harvest time and its amount, but also to get earlier vegetables..

The yield of tomatoes initially depends on high-quality seedlings and, of course, proper care. Seedling material can be purchased in specialized stores, or grown independently, which significantly reduces financial costs. Read about: caring for tomatoes in the greenhouse!

Planting time of seedlings


The time of planting tomato seedlings for a greenhouse directly depends on the temperature regime of the greenhouse, and more specifically, the availability of heating. If the latter is present in the greenhouse, and the air temperature there does not drop below 15 degrees, you can plant seedlings at the end of winter. In the presence of an ordinary, unheated greenhouse, tomatoes are planted not earlier than the end of April – beginning of May..

Many summer residents sow tomatoes in special containers and put them on windowsills in apartments. Over time, the matured seedlings are transplanted into greenhouses. In this case, you can start sowing as early as February..

Growing tomato seedlings at home consists of the following steps:

  • selection and preparation of seeds;
  • soil preparation;
  • sowing and further care of seedlings.

Selection and preparation of tomato seeds

sowing seeds

The choice of seeds depends on which variety you plan to plant. Early and tall varieties are sown first. Before planting, the seeds are immersed in water to test for germination. Floated seeds are selected and thrown away.

To speed up germination, the remaining seeds are wrapped in wet gauze and left for a day..

Soil preparation


If possible, the soil for the seedlings is taken from the greenhouse where the tomatoes will grow – this way the seedlings will more easily tolerate transplanting and adapt faster. The best option would be to purchase a special substrate for tomatoes..

Tomatoes grow well in sandy soil with low acidity.

Seeds are sown in a common container or immediately in separate cups. It is very convenient to use peat tablets for seedlings, which are pre-soaked in water.

Sowing seeds and further care

first shoots

Seeds are placed in prepared containers (cups), leaving a distance of about 5 cm between them, and sprinkled with a thin layer of earth. It is not necessary to water from a watering can so that the seeds do not go underground with the water. It is enough just to spray from a spray bottle.

Containers with future seedlings must be covered with foil to create greenhouse conditions. After the first shoots hatch, the film is removed. When 2-3 true leaves are formed on the seedlings, they dive.

To prevent the seedlings from stretching, it should be provided with sufficient lighting, if necessary, additional lamps are installed. Also carry out regular watering, avoiding water getting on the leaves..

young seedling

For fertilizing tomato seedlings, foliar dressing is used with potassium monophosphate, urea or potassium nitrate.

After about 1.5 months from the time of sowing the seeds, the finished seedlings are transplanted to a permanent place in the greenhouse. Before this, it is gradually stabbed..

Growing tomato seedlings for planting in a greenhouse – video

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